ACC Weekend Recap. No D in Death Valley, FSU wins Atlantic Division, now has a slim shot at BCS Championship

Clemson 62, NC State 48  You can go ahead and give Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd the ACC Player of the Year nod.  Boyd accounted for 8 touchdowns 5 passing and 3 rushing, an ACC record. He passed for 426 yards and  career-high 103 yards rushing.  He also set a school record with 529 total yards, breaking the record set by Woodrow Dantzler in 2001 against N.C. State.

State’s Tobais Palmer also had a record-setting day with 496 all-purpose yards ( an ACC record), including 244 in kickoff returns. This was a game of runs with Clemson jumping out to a 13 point lead, NC State then scored the next 24 points, only to watch Clemson run off the next 42 points in the game. Clemson had 754 total yards, NC State had 597.

Clemson still has a shot at a BCS Bowl game, they will play state rival South Carolina next week. NC State (3-4 in the ACC) will try to finish up with a .500 conference record as they host Boston College.

Florida State 41, Maryland 14  Florida State wrapped up the Atlantic Division and a berth in the ACC title game as they rolled over Maryland and their fancy black uniforms 41-14. They next have the Florida Gators and a win over the Gators and a win in the ACC Championship could put them in the BCS Championship game. They will need a lot of help for that to happen though. That loss to NC State must really sting right now. The Seminoles will be going for their 13th ACC title on December 1 in Charlotte.

Georgia Tech 42 Duke 24  Georgia Tech won their third straight game and put themselves in position to play in the ACC Championship Game. They have a half game lead over Miami in the Coastal Division and now they need Duke to beat Miami since Miami holds the tiebreaker over Georgia Tech.  Tevin Washington had two fourth quarter touchdown passes to put the game away for the Yellow Jackets.

Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 23 (OT)  The Hokies can become bowl eligible with a win over Virginia

Miami 40, South Florida 9 Beat Duke and the Canes win the ACC Coastal.

Notre Dame 38, Wake Forest 0 Notre Dame is now the Number 1 team in the BCS Standings and only has one game left against long time rival USC. If they beat USC, the big question will be who will they play for the National Championship.

Atlantic Division
Florida State (10) 7-1 10-1
Clemson (11) 7-1 10-1
North Carolina State 3-4 6-5
Wake Forest 3-5 5-6
Maryland 2-5 4-7
Boston College 1-6 2-9
 Coastal Division
Georgia Tech 5-3 6-5
North Carolina 4-3 7-4
Miami (FL) 4-3 6-5
Virginia Tech 3-4 5-6
Duke 3-4 6-5
Virginia 2-5 4-7

College Football Playoffs

Kiss the BCS goodbye.

Starting in the 2014 season, Division 1 College Football will have a four-team, seeded playoff to determine the national champion. Basically a Football Final Four.


A selection committee (like college basketball) will pick and seed the top 4 teams. So basically the big decision for this committee will be deciding what team is number 4 and what team will be left out as the number 5 team. What is not sure is how much polls will come into play and who will be on the selection committee.

The first National Semifinals will be played on December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015. The semifinals will be rotated among six bowls. Probably the current four BCS bowls and two other bowls that will be added later. The number 1 team will play number 4, and number 2 will play the number 3 team.

The Championship Game will be on the first Monday in January that is six or more days after the last semifinal. So the first title game will be on January 12, 2015.  The title game will be in a different location each year, like the Super Bowl. Cities will bid for the rights to host the game.

This playoff system will be in place for the next 12 seasons.

There will be no automatic qualifiers, like in the current BCS. So I can already see the arguments and complaining because some conference champion is going to watch their bubble burst and be on the outside of the top 4.

Just go back to this past season. You would have two teams from the SEC in the top 4 (Alabama, LSU), the BIG 12 champion (Ok State), and probably the Pac 12 Champ (Oregon).  So the ACC and BIG 10 champions, would be on the outside looking in. Maybe they can call Seth Greenberg to go on tv and complain for them.

Great read by Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel on the death of the BCS, and the rich getting richer.


Mike London Faces

Yo, Seth Greenberg thinks Mike London is too expressive on the sidelines, you guys.


This weekend produced lots of great stuff:

– Virginia Tech rolls into Charlotte, while Clemson limps in

– NC State wakes up in the 2nd half and embarrasses Maryland

UNC beat Duke in the only college rivalry where the football game is seen on TV by fewer people than when they match-up in basketball

– Finally, we appear to be set for an LSU / Bama rematch in the BCS Championship


Discuss, suckas!


Its time to matriculate the ball down the field.

College football officially kicks off on Thursday with the higly anticipated match up of Murray State vs. Louisville.  Two ACC teams also start the season on Thursday, Georgia Tech hosts Western Carolina and Wake Forest plays Syracuse…

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TSB’s Monday Fodder

First, TSB says Congrats to Virginia Tech! Your 2010 ACC Football Champions! After a hiccup and a throw up the Hokies accumulated 11 straight victories, culminating in Tyrod Taylor’s four-touchdown performance Saturday night in a 44-33 win over No. 20 Florida State for its third Atlantic Coast Conference title in four years.

In other college football news, NC based schools got some pretty good bowl games.  NC State is going to the Champ Sports Bowl where they’ll play West Virginia, the #1 team in the Big East. Tennessee may have backed out of the series with UNC but they’re not backing out of  the Music City Bowl where this Border-Battle will be the first since 1961. And the Pirates will invade an 8-4 Maryland team in their back yard for the Military Bowl.

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East Carolina Pirates Win the National College football BCS Championship…

C-USA vs MWC for all the Marlbles!
C-USA vs MWC for all the Marbles!

Say What?!?

Lawyers have told the BCS that it’s time to give someone else a chance.  Reportedly Late Thursday night, the Mountain West and another league — thought to be Conference USA met  to discuss a plan to match the two conferences’ champions in a title game, with the winner gaining an automatic BCS berth.

Soon afterwards, ECU and BSC represenitives met and below is a transcript of the conversation:

ECU: What do you think the chances are of a program like us and a Championship Series like you ending up together?
BCS: Well, East Carolina, that’s difficult to say. I mean, we don’t really…
ECU: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! We have come a long way. Winning seasons, back to back conference champs; BCS, the least you can do is level with me. What are our chances?
BCS: Not good.
ECU: You mean, not well like one out of a hundred?
BCS: I’d say more like one out of a million. But, if you win C-USA and beat the winner of the Mountain West Conference champion then…..[pause]

ECU: So you’re telling me there’s a chance….. *YEAH!

I think the lawyers are right. Any move that furthers giving more teams a shot at the BCS is worth making. Sure the stars will have to be aligned, a full moon out, a horse shoe up their arse and four leaf clovers wrapped around  rabbits feet but sometimes knowing there’s a chance is good enough.

Wanna have your picture taken with the BCS Trophy? Come to Wal-Mart!


Sometimes, you can’t make this stuff up.

The first public displays of Alabama’s BCS trophy will take place on Saturday and Sunday at two Tuscaloosa-area Wal-Mart stores, where fans will be able to have their picture made with the 34-inch, $30,000 token of the Tide’s national title.  Not on campus, not at city hall.  Wal-Mart.

We may not do everything right in North Carolina, but you damn sure didn’t see the Stanley Cup or UNC’s national championship trophy on display at Wally World.


Colt McCoy Is A Gamer

Huge hat tip to Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel on this one.  Colt McCoy is a complete gamer.  Dude did not want to stay out of the BCS Championship Game last night.  He did not care about anything other than getting back out there and helping his team win.  If you have about ten minutes to kill and want to read a great article, click here.

BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

I’m too old to stay up past 11:00, that’s why you’re getting 3/4 of a game review…well make it 13/16th’s cuz I watched Sportscenter this morning.  But wow what a game last night. Continue reading BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

BCS Championship Open Thread


Photo Credit: EDSBS

#1 Alabama will take on #2 Texas in the BCS Championship game tonight in Pasadena. Alabama is considered the favorite which is one of many pressures bearing down on the Crimson Tide. There is nothing like the chill from residing in the shadow of a legendary coach.  Plus the Bama fan base is insane enough to believe that winning national titles is their God given right on this earth.  I mean, they have canceled three days of classes in Tuscaloosa for this thing. How dumb are they going to look if everyone sitting around sulking on Friday instead of sitting around hungover or in jail having been charged with damage to public property. Not to mention Bama running back Michael Ingram won the Heisman Trophy which must be made of kryptonite since everyone who has won the darn thing in recent memory loses their bowl game. Tim Tebow included.

For Texas, they get to play the role of the underdog. The underdog has typically done quite well in these games of late.  There is something about sitting around for most of December hearing about how awesome the other team is which inspires you to raise your level of play. The desire to prove a bunch of hot air belching, empty suits on ESPN wrong does wonders for a team’s ability to perform.

Drop your comments here if you have ’em.