Monday Morning Fodder

This weekend was pretty big in the sports world.  Not only did we see the fraudulent Iowa Hawkeyes lose to Northwestern, who by the way is 6 – 4 on the year and 3 – 3 in the Big 11, but we also saw a shake up at the top of the BCS standings.  Two SEC teams now sit atop the BCS with Florida at number one and Alabama at number two.  This should set Texas up pretty nicely, who dropped from two to three in the standings, since the top two teams will have locked their spots in the SEC Championship Game up.

In the NFL we saw Tampa Bay beat Green Bay to get its first win of the season.  That gives all of the NFL squads at least one win, but five teams are sitting with one lone win, and two have only two.  Have we ever seen so many bad football teams in the NFL?

On the other side of the coin however, we were treated to some good games yesterday as Dallas laid claim to the top spot in the NFC East, New Orleans only needed one half to beat the Panthers, and Indy got a missed field goal to eek out a win over Houston.  Anyone else find it extremely ironic that the Chargers beat the Giants on a last minute TD drive thanks to Philip Rivers putting the team on his back, and then Shawne Merriman put the final touches on the win with a sack of Eli Manning?

Anyone else already tired of hearing about Andre Agassi?  I will give the man credit for having huge stones, because that is what it took to come clean about wearing that awful wig.  Agassi does give some nice quotes in his new book, “Open”, which hits the shelves today.

NC State, and UNC both got much needed wins, while Duke, Wake and ECU all took Ls in their games.  Can UNC still win the “State Championship” despite the fact that they do not play Wake this year?  Or will it be moot after the November 28th match-up with NC State anyway?

Speaking of NC State, what was TOB thinking accepting a five yard penalty to make it 4th and 6 instead of taking the result of a punt that would have put Maryland at the three yard line?  State then went for it, and saw an intercepted pass taken all the way to the house on the ensuing replay of the down.  Terrible decision.

I think Clemson just missed another kick.  How in the blue hell did they still win that game, despite missing three PATs and two field goals?  They essentially spotted FSU nine points and still won by 16 points.