ACC Weekend Recap: SEC vs ACC…SEC wins 4-0. Florida State & Georgia Tech head to Charlotte.

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Vanderbilt from the SEC all played ACC teams on Saturday. They won all four games. Three were in-state rivalry games, and in the other, Vanderbilt easily beat Wake Forest  in Winston-Salem. Georgia Tech was blown out by Georgia, now they represent Coastal Division in the ACC Championship game with a 6-6 record. Woo-hoo. Florida State lost to Florida at home, and South Carolina beat Clemson for the fourth straight year. The ACC was 0-5 vs SEC teams this year.  Meanwhile the SEC will have a team playing for the national championship again.

Virginia Tech became bowl eligible by beating Virginia  for the 9th straight time. UNC finished up their season with a win over Big Ten bound Maryland. The Tar Heels might want to work on kickoff coverage and defense for next season. NC State closed out the regular season with a win over Boston College, David Amerson had 56 yard interception return for a touchdown. Miami won a share of the ACC Coastal Division with a win over Duke. 

Next up are the bowl games. Six teams are bowl eligible, UNC is banned from a bowl game and Miami banned themselves for the second year in a row.

The ACC Champion will get the BCS bowl bid.  That will probably be the only BCS bowl game for the ACC.

 Atlantic Division
Florida State (10) 7-1 10-2
Clemson (11) 7-1 10-2
North Carolina State 4-4 7-5
Wake Forest 3-5 5-7
Maryland 2-6 4-8
Boston College 1-7 2-10
 Coastal Division
Georgia Tech 5-3 6-6
North Carolina 5-3 8-4
Miami (FL) 5-3 7-5
Virginia Tech 4-4 6-6
Duke 3-5 6-6
Virginia 2-6 4-8

Maryland; They Gone

Numerous people on Twitter are reporting that sources have said Maryland’s bolting of the ACC for the B1G has been voted on and will be announced officially later today:

Unanimously, no less.  Fare ye well, turtles… may you spend less time on your back in the B1G than you did in the ACC.

2012 ACC/BIG 10 Challenge

ESPN, which now owns the rights to all ACC football and basketball games, released the schedule for the 2012 ACC/BIG 10 Challenge. It will start on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

The BIG 10 has won the last three challenges (after losing the first 10) and they might have the number one team in the country next season with Indiana and Cody Zeller.  Probable ACC favorite NC State will hit the road and travel to Ann Arbor to face Michigan, who will also have a good team coming back next season.

Tuesday, Nov. 27
UNC at Indiana
N.C. State at Michigan
Minnesota at Florida State
Maryland at Northwestern
Iowa at Virginia Tech
Nebraska at Wake Forest

Wednesday, Nov. 28
Ohio State at Duke
Virginia at Wisconsin
Michigan State at Miami
Purdue at Clemson
Georgia Tech at Illinois
Boston College at Penn State

Game times will be released later.
Also, NC State picked up a player. From the N&O, LSU guard Ralston Turner will transfer to N.C. State.  Turner, a 6-6 shooting guard, averaged 10.5 points per game in two seasons at LSU.Under NCAA rules, he will have to sit out the 2012-13 season but will have two seasons of eligibility remaining.  Mark Gottfried originally recruited Turner when he was the coach at Alabama.

#NCAAT Friday…ACC teams in action

The NCAA Tournament started yesterday with Round 2. Syracuse survived a close call against UNC Asheville. No huge upsets yesterday. VCU and Shaka Smart provided a #12 over a #5 seed as they took down Wichita State and the defending champions, UConn are headed home.

How is your bracket looking after the first day?

Today, all five of the ACC teams will be on the court. Here are times they play.

12:40 NC State vs San Diego State (TruTV)

2:10 Virginia vs Florida (TNT)

2:45 Florida State vs St. Bonaventure (CBS)

4:10 North Carolina vs Vermont (TBS)

7:15 Duke vs Lehigh (CBS)


Whine and Wisconsin Cheese

The matchups for the ACC/ Big 10-11-12 Challenge were released earlier this week, one of the games will feature North Carolina vs. Wisconsin at the Smith Center on November, 30. It will be the first meeting of the two schools in the 12 year history of the challenge.

Former Wisconsin AD Pat Richter isnt happy that his Badgers have to make the trek to Chapel Hill….and according to Richter, it’s because Roy Williams is scared of Madison, Wisconsin.

“It still is a joke, I know darn well that you’ll never get Roy Williams here. He won’t come to Wisconsin; he’s afraid the people are going to boo him and everything else. I think that’s all bogus.”

Roy Williams is scared of getting booed?  I mean, with all the love and affection he gets when he walks into Cameron Indoor and the RBC Center every year, going up to  Wisconsin would be just too much to handle.  Richter also says it’s also “convenient”  that UNC will be loaded next season while the Badgers will be in a rebuilding mode.  Well…sorry.

“And here we go again — we’ve got to go down there when they’re supposed to have all these horses back, and it’s going to be a tough road for us. Who’s going to benefit but Roy Williams?”

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ACC Vs is no more

Sorry guys, but I’ve been feeling like  ACC Vs has run its course for a month or so.  Don’t worry, when football season rolls around I’ll pull it out of the cupboard and dust it off occasionally.  I feel like it just works better then.  In bball season there are just too many ACC v ACC games and the repetition is getting to me.  However, I’m just not cold-blooded enough to leave you guys sans Friday content.  Today I’m rolling out the New and Improved Friday content, hit the jump to see the goods Continue reading ACC Vs is no more


I’ll be honest with you guys, I love Friday content.  I can’t tell you how rewarding it is for me to scour the interwebs for pictures of hot chicks.  However, it has been getting a little tough lately to find you new and exciting hawtness to leer at.  I am also having a hard time as of late finding a reason to pit two schools against each other.  I mean, we’re deep into the ACC season so I don’t have reason to go outside of the conference very often in my search for a challenger to the ACC school of the week.  But, being the genius that I am, I am often slapped dead in the kisser by inspiration.  There are some of you out there who have whined consistently and persistently about refs preferential treatment of UNX and Dook.  Well, other schools in other conferences have also plainly been “guilty” of this “crime” recently.  So I thought “hey, why not put two schools of these schools together on the same thread?  Let’s see if I can cause a complete and total meltdown of epic proportions.”  And that is exactly what I’m going to do this week.  Unfortunately, I ran both UNX and Dook out last week. UNX doesn’t actually get the preferential treatment that the black helicopter crowd cries about though, so guess who gets another turn this week Continue reading ACC Vs

ACC Vs Special ‘You Suckers Are Gonna Get Snowed In’ Edition

So I dropped the ball last week and you, Thee readers, didn’t get your weekly helping of ACC Vs. For that I am truly, truly sorry. To make it up to you I will include a new picture of Leslie at the end of this week’s Special Edition.

So, I hear there is going to be some snow in the Triangle this weekend. Sucks for you chumps that are sticking around. Me? I’ll be relaxing in beautiful Savannah, Georgia taking in the sights, eating at Paula Deen’s, and doing a little fishing.  As an added bonus for me, it shouldn’t get any colder than the high 50’s while I’m there. To honor those of you who are probably at the grocery store right now buying beer, milk, beer, bread, and more beer, this week’s ACC Vs is going to pit a cold weather ACC school against a cold weather school from the Big East. Continue reading ACC Vs Special ‘You Suckers Are Gonna Get Snowed In’ Edition


Is coach Cutt really staying at Dook when he could jump ship to Tennessee?  REALLY?!  What is the world coming to?  Maybe Lane Kiffin’s mercenary ass is leaving Rocky Top in a little bit of hot water.  Maybe Cutt is still vexed that he gets all of the Fulmer hate and none of the Manning love.  Maybe Dook’s new AD doesn’t take any shite from his coaches (other than Koach K, of course) and keeps his pimp hand strong.  Whatever the reason, Dook gets to keep their best coach since The OBC and can continue to improve upon the seemingly very good foundation that has been set over the last two years.  In honor of Coach Cutt and his loyalty, this week’s ACC Vs is Dook vs Tennessee. Continue reading ACC Vs