I know this is lazy of me, but I do not have the time to post a proper analysis of this yet. However, you need somewhere to discuss this without being labeled as “ABCers” or “UNC Blinders Wearing Homers With Your Head In The Sand”.

ESPN write up is here.

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Duke Reloads

In a hot recruiting battle that included all three of the triangle schools, and also Kentucky and Kansas for good measure, Kinston High School’s Brandon Ingram chose Duke as the place where he will take his talents next season. Coach K and his entire coaching staff made two trips to Kinston in the last week to make the pitch to Ingram, apparently keeping Jeff Capel around was a good thing.

“Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) is a profesional. He’s a player’s coach and I just love everything about him,” Ingram said. “Talking to Jeff Capel, he made a good pitch and they sold it well.” -wral.com

Jahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones led Duke to their 5th national championship before declaring for the NBA, now Coach K adds Ingram (another probable one and done) and last week Derryck Thornton, a five-star point guard from California, reclassified from the class of 2016 to 2015 and committed to Duke.

Duke has the number 1 recruiting class (again), and is poised to make another Final Four and national championship run.

Rob Moxley Likes Twitter

Despite the fact that I do follow Rob Moxley on Twitter, I missed this tirade due to my Twitter being logged off.  Luckily, BackingThePack.com did not miss it.

That is pretty good stuff right there.  I particularly like the 1/4 full arena and NJ/NY blasts.

Yeah, I do not really care for behavior like this from a leadership position.  Were it Gottfried that tweeted this I would be killing him.  Since it is not the head coach though, it does not seem as bad and is mainly just funny to me.

However, if this rant was in reaction to being told that Brandon Ingram is going to Duke, then I have a larger issue with it.


Bam!! B.A.M!!! In The Face!!

Ok, so at the end of the day this may be a little meaningless, but it does speak to the levels of training that the players are going through.  Strength and conditioning has long been an issue for the men’s basketball team from NC State.  It looks like that ship has finally sailed, as the Wolfpack are now a standard to be measured against where fitness training is concerned.

Basic Athletic Measurement testing is one of many metrics used by the NBA to scrutinize and evaluate talent.  NC State is one of a handful of programs that brings the BAM people in to test its players.  So how did the Pack measure up?  Well, they outperformed this year’s NBA draft class and depending on scale it was either close, or not even close…  imagine what the numbers will be when BJ Anya is finally in shape?

Take from it what you will, but at least Pack Fan can rest its laurels on the fact that its strength and conditioning program is on the right track.  Now they just need how to figure out a method of turning winning in the training room into winning in the arena.

Brandon Ingram Update

According to ESPN’s Jeff Borzello’s Twitter feed, Brandon Ingram told ESPN that Duke was in home for a visit this morning.  Up next is Kansas tomorrow, followed by NC State on Monday, and UNC on Wednesday.  No mention of Kentucky, and UCLA is trying to get something set up.

With all three Triangle teams in hot pursuit of Brandon, and with this recruitment going back a few years now, this is a decision that all of us should be excited for.  No word on when said decision will be made yet.

Attrition Galore

This year there are quite a few early departures for the NBA draft.  Hit the jump to see a current list of players who have declared.  Who should have stayed?  Who else should have gone?  How does this change the landscape for next season? Continue reading Attrition Galore

ACC Tournament moves final to Saturday night!

In a move that was not on my radar, because I don’t care to follow basketball all that much, the ACC has decided to change the scheduling of the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament so that the Final will end up being a primetime Saturday night tip.

The Atlantic Coast Conference will move its tournament championship game to the Saturday night before Selection Sunday after being a Sunday afternoon staple since 1982.

The ACC announced the scheduling change Tuesday during its spring meetings in Amelia Island, Florida.

This will result in a Tuesday-to-Saturday format for the tourney and cause the regular season to end on the previous Saturday instead of Sunday.

From the quotes in the linked article, it appears that the coaches overwhelmingly support this move.  However, from reaction of my friends and others on social media, a lot of folks feel like it’s another brick in the proud tradition of the “glory days” of the ACC that’s being chipped away.

Personally, I’m ambivalent aside from the fact that I usually spend that Friday out with friends drinking and watching 4 games on ACC Friday.  Not sure if that routine will be followed with as much gusto on a Thursday or on a Friday with only two semi-final games, but c’est la vie.

What do the fine folks at Thee Sports Blog think of the change?

Marquette Hires Wojciechowski

When Buzz Williams departed Marquette to become the new head coach of men’s basketball at Virginia Tech, it left a pretty big hole to fill in college basketball.  While Marquette may not be a top tier job, it is a good job and is certainly worthy of a good coach. A lot of speculation began, and of course Shaka Smart was in the mix at some point.  So who would Marquette nab to be the successor to Williams, who was an assistant with the Golden Eagles when he won the job?

Steve Wojciechowski

Duke’s own Steve Wojciechowski.  That is who.  Wojo gets his first head coaching gig after being on the Duke bench since 1999.

Most excited for this move are all current and future frontcourt players for Duke, as they will not have to deal with the floor slapping, former point guard trying to teach them post up moves.

Best of luck to Wojo and Marquette.  This is a head scratcher to me, as I think Marquette could have drawn someone with experience running a program versus someone who has experience being a glorified drama professor.

Tyler Lewis Departs NC State

News broke over the weekend that Tyler Lewis was transferring from NC State.  On the surface, there will be more moans about players leaving NC State and how frequently it occurs.  That is a little short sighted though, when you look at the big picture with Lewis. While I do not like seeing the kid leave, I completely understand the decision.  If he had to fight for playing time this year, next year was looking even worse as far as his minutes are concerned.

Backing The Pack has a great write up about this, so I will not get too deep into it.

Another thing to remember is that in this day and age, players transfer all the time.  It is not an issue specific to NC State, but rather to the landscape of college basketball.  While I am no fan of Jeff Goodman, he keeps a list of transfers each year.  Here is 2013, which is just staggering.

MMF UPDATE: Warren To Enter NBA Draft

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, N.C. State sophomore T.J. Warren has decided to enter the NBA Draft, sources tell Yahoo. Formal announcement will come early this week.


@DavidTeelatDP For the first time since 1979, none of North Carolina’s Big Four is among the Sweet 16.

Sweet Sixteen is set. Virginia is the lone ACC team left in the tournament. Wichita State’s undefeated season ends, SEC has all three teams in the Sweet 16. Johnny Dawkins’ Stanford team knocks off Kansas.

North Carolina was up 8 with under five to play against Iowa State, then lost control of the game.

Virginia Tech hired Buzz Williams away from Marquette

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White tells a fan on twitter that he will buy him season tickets to Falcons games if Mercer beats Duke. Mercer wins, White backpedals.

Creighton Blue Jay mascot does the throat slash gesture to UNC fans after the Iowa State game. Creighton then proceeds to lose by 30.

Mercer’s Kevin Canevari. The NaeNae dancing legend.