Erick Green, ACC POY


Just stopping in during the football off-season to post congrats to the outstanding Senior PG for the Hokies, Erick Green, who was named ACC Player of the Year today.  A bright, bright spot in an otherwise dreadful season.  I was personally happy to see that the crusty old NC media didn’t overlook his outstanding season.  Read up here:


For the fifth time in the last two seasons, Florida State’s Michael Snaer has hit a game winning shot at the buzzer or in the final seconds of the game. His latest victim was Virginia last night.

FSU’s win helped out NC State in the ACC Tournament seeding department.  NC State would clinch an opening-round bye with a win over FSU in Talahassee on Saturday.

They would be the No. 3 seed if Duke beats UNC on Saturday.

State would be the No. 4 seed with a win and a UNC win over Duke.

A State loss and a Virginia win  over Maryland would put NCSU as the five seed and they would have to play on the first day of the ACC Tournament.

Bottom line, if the game is close at the end and FSU has the ball, expect Snaer to be triple teamed, or quadruple teamed.

 Miami (FL) (6) 14-3 23-6
 Duke (3) 13-4 26-4
 North Carolina 12-5 22-8
 N.C. State 11-6 22-8
 Virginia 10-7 20-10

First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season

The First USA Today Coaches Poll for the college basketball season is out.  You’ll notice the link is to an ESPN version.  This is because the USA Today page is turrible.  Hit the jump for details. Continue reading First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season