This guy is by far my favorite Dukie on twitter. If you haven’t checked out SethCurrySavesDuke! then check him out. He speaks the unbridled good, bad and funny truth about Duke Hoops.

Speaking of Seth Curry saving Duke; Oh wait, Seth Curry didn’t save Duke or even really help Duke in that 73-71 escape on Sunday. It was all Nolan Smith. I realize Kyrie Irving hit the winning window shot but Nolan made that play possible. And besides Irving’s ability to get to the charity stripe he’s basically been a non-factor. Duke’s bigs were rebounding well in the first half but otherwise, not very good. The threes weren’t falling and Kyle Singler was missing free throws. In contrast, Michigan’s fab five white guys were making it rain and made it a competitive game.

Coach K may possibly have out coached himself for his 900th . But it was his furious timeout speech that ignited Nolan Smith’s 10 points in 2 minutes that also included a cross over that made Tim Hardaway Jr break his ankles and had Tim Hardaway Sr blushing.  Then came the all guard all stall tactic. A grizzly reminder of the Greg Paulus Blue Devils. WTF? Coach K has a POY and a could have been POY on the court and with 8 minutes left they’re playing keep away from a zone defense featuring The Osmands. In my humble opinion that game was just too close when it really shouldn’t have been.

For Duke Fans, even though the Devils have to travel to the west coast to play a west coast team, let’s just hope that the trip and some good practice this week can  induce some team vigor and bring back that ACCT mojo. And now that Kyrie Irving has had to battle and has gotten some needed minutes, maybe he can pull off something special for the remainder of the tourney. It’s just to date his comeback has been to mixed reviews. It’s going to be up to K and ultimately up to the entire team to compliment each other reciprocally. And that’s as simple as staying on the gas, making plays and making shots.

So, is Irving’s return hurting Duke? I guess since Duke is in the S16 it’s too early to call one way or the other. But this team should be In the S16. All I know is for Duke to advance deeper in this tourney It’s Seth Curry who must play well. Curry must imagine his opponents are wearing North Carolina across their chest. Whether or not those circumstances or minutes involve Kyrie Irving is to be determined, nevertheless Seth Curry must save Duke!


Yeah, that is right.  I worked four Twitter hashtags into one title.  Why?  Simple.  The ACCT Championship game was not on ESPN3 for me.  The main page said it was, but when I loaded ESPN3 it kept telling me there were no games on today’s schedule.  You can bet your sweet patotee that I’m asking for a #REFUND.

I was able to watch UNC-CH’s first two games of the ACCT, however.  That Barnes kid sure is one heck of a dag’um ball player.  Too bad he will be in the NBA next year.

Duke cruises to #ACCTRNY Threepeat

AP photo

Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils, 2011 ACC Tournament Champions.  The Blue Devils handily defeated North Carolina 75-58 for their third straight ACC Tournament win and 19th overall.  This was a complete opposite of the meeting 8 days ago in Chapel Hill.  UNC fell behind (just like they did in all of their tournament games), and really had no answer for Duke. Duke wasnt really tested the entire tournament, winning each game by double digits.  They look really strong heading into the NCAA Tournament, and there is more talk about Kyrie Irving returning next week.

They landed the Number 1 seed in the West Region of the NCAA Tournament. North Carolina is the Number 2 seed in the East Region.  Ohio State is the number one overall seed.

The ACC got four teams in the tournament, Duke, UNC, Florida State and Clemson.  Once again, the bubble burst for Virginia Tech.  Seth Greenberg is being talked off a ledge somewhere.  The Hokies are NIT bound.  Clemson, who did make it, has ZERO top 50 wins.

Duke opens against Hampton. North Carolina plays Long Island.  Both games are in Charlotte

Clemson is also in the East Region, they are in one of the “First Four” play-in games against UAB.  Jay Bilas’ least favorite team.  The winner will be a 12 seed against West Virginia.

Florida State is in the Southwest Region, they open against Texas A&M.

Friday at the #ACCTRNY

Yeah, you like the way I’m embedding the Twitter tags in the titles, don’t you?  Anywho, Thursday gave us a lot of fodder, like Virginia stealing defeat from the jaws of victory, and what was most likely Sidney Lowe and Paul Hewitt’s last games as head coaches in the ACC.

Today we get things started with Miami versus #1 seed UNC-CH.  Follow that up with BC and Clemson in the battle of the 9 – 7 teams.  Remember when 8 – 8 guaranteed you a spot in the NCAAT?

The night session will see Maryland square off against #2 seeded Duke, and then Virginia Tech will take on Florida State.

The only thing that is certain in the ACCT is that nothing is certain.  It would not surprise me if any of the underdogs pulled upsets today, but my official picks are running with the chalk.

Consider this your open post for today’s games.  Have at it, boys.  I know you aren’t doing any actual work today.

ACC Tourney Time, or is it #ACCTRNY

Quick, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see #ACCTRNY?  Twitter was abuzz yesterday with folks trying to figure out something better to use to mark their ACCT twats, but according to our man Joe Ovies the ACC actually sent out a memo stating that this is what they wanted to be used.  First off, it is at least one too many characters for a character limited technology.  Second…..

There used to be few days better than ACCT Friday.  Now I guess that is a two day statement, adding Thursday into the mix.  Were I home, you can bet there would be a Boston Butt on the smoker with Hickory gently tapping it for hours.  Yes, pun intended.  Since I am not home, alternate arrangements will have to be made.  I will be sure to keep you posted on this uber important matter.

In things that actually do matter, Virginia and Miami kick off the action at 6PM.  Wait, that is what time it will be here in München.  For you folks back home it will be the usual noon start.  After that you get “treated” to Boston College and Wake Forest.  The night session has NC State and Maryland kicking off at 7PM (anyone else wonder if there is a special Sidney Lowe’s job clock hanging at the arena?) and then the battle of the Techs to close out the day.

Get your popcorn ready…. of course, if you want to be symbolically correct, you’ll need to get generic popcorn and burn it.