Holidays are over, back to work Fodder

The ACC is currently 4-4 in the bowl season. With Boston College the last team remaining in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Randy Edsall gets his “dream job” as Maryland’s new Head Coach.

Other than Tyrod Taylor’s great touchdown play, not many highlights for the Hokies in the Orange Bowl.  Stanford rolls 40-12. Is that the last time we see the orange helmets?

ACC is 2-11 all time in BCS Bowl games. OUCH! 

Tennessee fans are still upset over the ending of the Music City Bowl.  Of course, no mention of the trash and bottles that were being thrown on the field by angry Vol fans after Barth’s field goal sent the game to OT.

The  Leaders and Legends were shut out on New Years Day bowl games, including two blowout losses to SEC teams. They are 2-5 in bowl games, only Ohio State can help them save face.

Speaking of Ohio State….funny that the players get suspended for selling their items and getting tattoos, but the Sugar Bowl really wants them to play to help boost ratings and not piss off the corporate big wigs.  Great article on OSU’s Pryor and NCAA hypocrisy.

The “excessive celebration” call against Kansas State’s Adrian Hilburn was one of the worst calls ever.

NFL playoffs start this weekend.  I’m seeing a Saints vs. Patriots Super Bowl.  The Panthers are on the clock, for a player and a coach.

Terrelle Pryor Scoffs at UNC’s Sgt. Schultz NCAA Defense

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to get slammed by the NCAA for over $2500 in improper benefits and get suspended for five games next season (wink, wink). Now the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Pryor was stopped three times for traffic violations while driving cars registered to a Columbus car salesman and the dealership where the salesman now works:

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“Tattoo-gate” Earns Ohio State Players Suspensions…Next Year

Last week I opined that the NCAA topped the stupidity chart by suspending Michigan State coach Tom Izzo for one game for an inadvertent, secondary violation involving a summer camp. But it looks like the boys in Indianapolis have outdone themselves again with their ruling in Ohio State’s emerging “Tattoo-gate” scandal.

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TSB’s Monday Fodder

First, TSB says Congrats to Virginia Tech! Your 2010 ACC Football Champions! After a hiccup and a throw up the Hokies accumulated 11 straight victories, culminating in Tyrod Taylor’s four-touchdown performance Saturday night in a 44-33 win over No. 20 Florida State for its third Atlantic Coast Conference title in four years.

In other college football news, NC based schools got some pretty good bowl games.  NC State is going to the Champ Sports Bowl where they’ll play West Virginia, the #1 team in the Big East. Tennessee may have backed out of the series with UNC but they’re not backing out of  the Music City Bowl where this Border-Battle will be the first since 1961. And the Pirates will invade an 8-4 Maryland team in their back yard for the Military Bowl.

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Saturday Open Thread

nsxmas35cWell, it’s a bit nipply out. I mean nippy out, what did I say, nipple? Huh, there is a nip in the air. Anyway get those leaves raked and the Christmas décor up and ‘Tis the season to be merry b/c it’s going to be a good day of college sports.

 College Basketball:

  •  Kentucky at North Carolina – a must win for the Heels in December? They could use some confidence.
  •  Butler at Duke – Natty rematch? Not hardly.
  •  NC State at Syracuse – State is in need of a quality out of conference win to build a post season resume but Syracuse will be a tough out for a bounce back. After that obliteration the other night the clock is ticking on the easy button.

 College Football:

  •  ACC Championship Game Florida State vs. Virginia Tech. Winner to the orange, loser to chick filet.
  •  The Civil War: Oregon at Oregon State
  •  SEC Championship game -Auburn vs South Carolina
  •  Big 12 Championship game -Nebraska vs Oklahoma

^ Will those championship games have BCS championship implications while Ohio State once again gets the free pass?

 There you have it guys. Sit back, enjoy some eggnog by the fire and comment if you got em.  Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.

Pirates Headed To D.C.

ECU  officially accepts invitation to the Military Bowl.

ECU will be taking their offense to Washington D.C. for the Military Bowl on December 29th at RFK Stadium.  This will mark East Carolina’s 5th consecutive bowl game.

East Carolina will possibly face Boston College

The Pirates (6-6) will take on a yet to be determined opponent from the ACC. Projections range from Boston College (7-5), Clemson (6-6), Georgia Tech (6-6) or Maryland (8-4).

Is Miami the Premier Job for 2011?

Randy Shannon

In case you missed it, the University of Miami decided to part ways with head football coach Randy Shannon on Saturday after the Hurricanes lost to South Florida earlier in the day.

Of course, this is the same Randy Shannon that the U gave a four year extension to prior to the 2010 season.  Dude will get a $1.5Million buyout check, so at least he does not have to worry about putting food on the table.

So the question is who the ‘Canes will be competing with for whomever the hot coach of the minute will be.  Or maybe one of the U’s former coaches will return to bring them back to glory again.  Yep, it is time for some speculation.

I was speaking of Jimmy Johnson, of course.  Bob Stoops’ name has been uttered a few times already, for what it is worth.

State Deserved to Lose

Plain and simple.  You can not get scorched for over 400 yards in the air and deserve to win.  Spare me all the refs screwed State nonsense, if State does not get outscored 38 – 3 before rattling off two late touchdowns in desperation mode this is not an issue.  As I was only able to see the second half of this one, I can not really say where things went wrong after it seemed they were going so right early on.

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ECU’s Defense is D.F.L.


It’s hard to believe that about a month ago the Pirates were 5-2 with a win over NC State and sitting atop of C-USA with a perfect league mark. A postseason bowl looked certain and a third consecutive CUSA championship was well within reach.

 Now the Pirates are limping into the final game of the season sporting a 6-5 mark and a championship unattainable. It’s left many in Pirate Nation thinking what if. What if ECU had last year’s defense or just a serviceable defense to go with this year’s high powered offense that scores in bushels? Man oh man, it could have been special. Yet, if you would have told Pirate Nation at the beginning of the year that ECU would be bowl eligible with a win over Southern Miss and NC State I don’t think any member would have tuned that down.

 Having a very bad defense was going to be no surprise to Pirate Nation but having the nation’s worst defense? Ugh. Now as a Pirate fan I can stomach some losses but when you’re giving up 76 points to Navy and 62 points to a freaking 2-8 Rice team I just have to take a knee.

 Russell Wilson may be scratching his head but ECU’s D was much better than what they have morphed into. In the second half of the Southern Miss (8-3) game ECU made the stops they needed to win the game. NCSU (8-3) came to Greenville where ECU’s psychological advantage held the Pack to 27 points. The next game vs. Marshall (4-7) ECU only gave up 10 points and the Heard didn’t score in the second half. Since that stretch it’s just been dreadful.

 There are plenty of explanations to go around and we have heard them ad nauseam. Most letterman lost in all of college football (mostly on the defensive side of the ball), being young and having injuries, being injured and having your injured be young ~ The 3 best defensive linemen ECU had are out for the season with injury and those guys were a freshman and two sophomores; couple that with a fist year defensive coordinator and new schemes to learn and you get D.F.L.

 Now I don’t think there is much hope for ECU’s D for the remaining season and potential post season but at least there is a silver lining. ECU’s Defense has no where to go but up. There are a lot of young guys getting some game speed experience that can only help them going forward. And speaking of next season Coach Ruff will need to do some serious staff evaluation on the defensive side of the ball. Despite those explanations of DFL, DFL is still unacceptable.

Hump Day


Hump Day..the weekend is almost here. Big college football Saturday coming up….

UNC used walk-ons and scout team players to get their first ever win in Talahassee….A Va Tech win and a Ga Tech win gives the Hokies the Coastal Division.

Senior Day for RJOW and the other Wolfpack seniors, they should handle Wake easily. Its also homecoming weekend.   Who wants to win the Atlantic?…..If Maryland wins out, they will be in Charlotte on December 4th.

Remember when Florida State vs. Clemson was the annual “Bowden Bowl”.  Bobby was the “Bowden Bowl” overall champion, 5-4 vs. Tommy.

This video is about a month old, but still very cool…..Duke is going for its third straight win against Boston College.

K, Sportsman of the Year?…

Tyler Hansbrough, who is improving, had 20 points and 9 rebounds off the bench against Denver, he is splitting time with Josh McRoberts….. Has anyone tried, the McRib? Wendy’s is changing their fries adding sea salt?….They will still be far behind McDonald’s, IMO.  Now go get busy in a Burger King bathroom.

If you know a Veteran, thank them, if you are a Veteran…Thank You!