Elaine Marshall Reminds Us There Are Two Investigations

The News & Observer has obtained a letter from the N.C. Secretary of State’s office that was written back on July 23rd.  The letter, which I am surprised has not come to light sooner (if it has I missed it), was sent to agents asking them to “preserve all documents, tangible things and electronically stored information that you possess regarding the following individuals: Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Deunta Williams, Kendric Burney, Bruce Carter, and Quan Sturdivant.”

The bad news here is that six players are on the list, with all six still being on the UNC-CH football squad.  So it could mean that this is going to have a larger impact on the program than previously expected.  Or it could mean absolutely nothing at all.  Let the speculation continue, from both sides of the aisle.

Carry on

Did Davis Let Something Slip in Regards to John Blake?

We have wondered for a few days whether or not John Blake was now a target in the investigation.  It has been covered thoroughly here on TSB.  Today Butch Davis spoke with the media and he was asked some questions he did not like very much.  Hit the jump. Continue reading Did Davis Let Something Slip in Regards to John Blake?

By UNC-CH’s Definition Balmer is a Booster – Updated

Yesterday there was some questions about whether or not Kentwan Balmer is a “booster” for UNC-CH.  Big ups to loyal reader, and UNC-CH fan, Oneal for posting a link to UNC-CH’s own “Booster Brochure” in the comments section.  Careful Oneal, you are going to be labeled an ABCer if you continue to bring facts to the table that do not support the case in UNC-CH’s favor, “facts be damned”.

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Obligatory NCAA Investigation Update

Not a whole lot going on today, as far as I can tell.  Yesterday we got confirmation that Kentawn Balmer paid for both Cam Thomas and Marvin Austin’s trips to LA in the summer of 2009.  This is an obvious infraction, as Balmer is an alum which basically makes him a booster, and prevents him from being able to provide benefits to athletes.  Actually, it prevents the athletes from being able to accept said benefits.

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Day Late and Dollar Short Movie Review*

I’m not the best at catching first-run movies but when I FINALLY get around to watching them,I like to pass along my thoughts to you, dear readers, in an attempt to indoctrinate you with my opinions and tastes.  I hope you enjoy my weekly monthly bi-monthly movie reviews.  This week’s quarter’s movie review, however, has a twist…

In light of recent events in the world of foohbaw, college and the NFL, I’m going to review the 1987 classic “Fatal Attraction”.  The twist comes due to the fact that I’ve never seen this movie nor do I have any desire to.  If I want to see a woman go crazy, then I’ll actually call her then next day like I said I would, but I know all them women be feenin’ after they get the Vitamin T.  That stuff ruins them for other men.  So, as soon as they fix my breakfast…they out the door.

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Lane Kiffin To USC. Wait…What?[UPDATED]

Update #2: Rioting in Knoxville!

Hundreds of students have now gathered on Johnny Majors Boulevard and are blocking the road, apparently with the goal of keeping departing Coach Lane Kiffin from leaving the lot.

There are signs that order is breaking down–someone has apparently brought a mattress down and lit it on fire.

Deadspin has pictures of some of the nice art UT fans have made for Kiffin.

Update:As pointed out in the comments, Duke’s David Cutcliffe might be a good choice to take the UT job given his previous ties and loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, has there been a bigger jerk decision by a head coach than this one? Well I guess since Butch Davis rode out of Miami, I guess. Tennessee had 10 early enrollees start yesterday. Because those kids enrolled they are now subject to the one year sit out rule if they want to transfer. I understand the reasons and no one expects Kiffin to have Roy Williams’ level of loyalty but it is a crappy thing to do to players and a fan base out of the blue like this.

Anyway, Kiffin will take Ed Orgeron with him and has convinced UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow to cross town and rejoin him at USC where they once served together on the same staff.

It is also worth noting that sooner or later this game of coaching musical chairs is going to leave someone out in the cold promoting some ill fated assistant because that is the only option they have.

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Sorry, Jim Mora – Bigger name on line two

The Seattle Seahawks fired head coach Jim Mora, Jr. Friday on the heels of a 5-11 season.  The firing is a bit of a surprise, given that Mora actually improved the team’s record by a game over last year’s Mike Holmgren-led squad despite a slew of injuries that kept the team from being competitive week-in and week-out.

The larger surprise, of course, is who the Seahawks appear to be on the verge of landing to replace Mora – Pete Carroll.

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Colt McCoy Is A Gamer

Huge hat tip to Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel on this one.  Colt McCoy is a complete gamer.  Dude did not want to stay out of the BCS Championship Game last night.  He did not care about anything other than getting back out there and helping his team win.  If you have about ten minutes to kill and want to read a great article, click here.

BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

I’m too old to stay up past 11:00, that’s why you’re getting 3/4 of a game review…well make it 13/16th’s cuz I watched Sportscenter this morning.  But wow what a game last night. Continue reading BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

Georgia Tech fails to protect the shield

As if things couldn’t get any worse for ACC football, the Big 10’s #2 team beat the ACC champion in the Orange Bowl 24-14 on Tuesday night.

Iowa did what a lot of teams try to do against Georgia Tech – stack 8 in the box and dare Josh Nesbitt to win the game.  Nesbitt was a paltry 2-9 for only 13 yards, and the vaunted Tech rushing attack mustered only 140 yards.  The Jackets could never get anything going on offense and only managed one offensive touchdown the entire game.

The game turned in the 3rd quarter when the Jackets received the opening kickoff and finally put together a solid drive that ate up over 7 minutes.  But on 4th and 5 from the Iowa 24, Paul Johnson elected to kick a field goal.  The kick was wide right, and Iowa answered with a field goal for a crucial six-point swing.  Still, Tech came right back with their best drive of the night and finally punched the ball in the end zone to make it 17-14 early in the 4th.

Things got a little bizarre in the final period as Nesbitt attempted a pass on 1st down at the Tech 11, only to be intercepted.  With solid field position and a chance to add to the lead, Iowa inexplicably tried a fake field goal which was snuffed out.  On Tech’s next offensive play, Jonathan Dwyer tried to juke out of a busted play and lost 11 yards, narrowly avoiding a safety in the process.  Iowa then ground out a 63-yard touchdown drive to put the game away.

The Fox announcers noted what many football observers have often said: the triple option is fairly easy to shut down when you have time to prepare for it.  Three of the last four teams to beat GT had an extra week to prepare for the Jackets, just as North Carolina did last season when the Heels locked down Dwyer and Nesbitt for a relatively easy win.  I don’t know what is so special about the extra time, but Iowa had nearly a month and completely crushed the Tech offensive attack.

With the loss, the ACC finishes 3-4 in this year’s bowls, but more important falls to 1-9 in BCS games since 2000.  No word if the ACC will lose their automatic BCS bid to Boise State…