Lebron James Sending up to 1,100 Kids to College

Lebron James is a very polarizing figure. People either love him or despise him. I have never understood the angst people have with James; I get the fallout from “The Decision”, but he did raise a lot of money for charity with that debacle so I’ve always given him a pass there. He has once again gone above and beyond the scope of normal benevolence. Partnering with the University of Akron, a program is now in place that could send up to 1,100 kids to college on a full scholarship.

I am sure the haters are still going to find a way to hate on him for this, just like they found ways to blame him for every missed shot and defensive breakdown in the Cavs’ loss to the Warriors in the NBA Finals. I mean, we all know Bron-Bron was a complete no-show there, just like he is on the streets of his community.

5 thoughts on “Lebron James Sending up to 1,100 Kids to College”

  1. I’m with you on his one, Mike. LeBron seems to be a truly good citizen and one hell of a baller who, like all the greats, now wants the ball at crunch time. And he usually delivers.
    It’s fun to watch him play.

  2. When the world and I were young,
    Just yesterday.
    Life was such a simple game,
    A child could play.
    It was easy then to tell right from wrong.
    Easy then to tell weak from strong.
    When a man should stand and fight,
    Or just go along.

    But today there is no day or night
    Today there is no dark or light.
    Today there is no black or white,
    Only shades of gray.

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