Some Dude Named LeBron

I don’t know if you are aware of this guy or not, but there is some guy named LeBron James in the NBA.  Said guy is a pretty decent basketball player, too.  I think I saw him do a chest pass once that didn’t even bounce before it got to the other player.

Seriously though, how good is LeBron?  40 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks.  That’s his line from last night’s Game 3 win for the Cavs, who could also be called LeBron And The Guys From The Break Room, but that would be too long to fit on a jersey (although I could fit it by sublimating it for sure).  If the Cavs win this series, there will be zero doubt as to why.

Is this the greatest performance in the NBA Finals in history?  Hard to think of one that would top it if LeBron averages 40PPG, 12RPG and 8APG on the way to lifting the trophy.

And who was the league MVP this season?  Stephen Curry was voted in but…

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  1. After many failed attempts, I basically just did the old copy and paste, CTRL+C on the picture, came back to the post and CTRL+V….and it worked!

    If Lebron leads the Cavs to the championship this year, it would go down as an all-time performance. Better than anything Jordan did in a Finals. It is pretty much LeBron and Mike, Dan, Me and Pat, with Tacos coming off the bench vs a 60 win team with the “MVP”.

    Although Im sure Champs is deadly from beyond the arc.

  2. I can be JR Smith.

    I have made double digit threes in two or three rec league games(that’s pretty much the same as NBA Finals, right?), and I’m not afraid to shoot….even now when I’m old and out of shape. The shooting arm is just fine.

  3. You can’t really argue with his stat line. Didn’t he lead all players in points, rebounds and assists? That is amazing.

    He would have gotten it had he pushed it to 7 games or had he done enough in the 4th quarter of game 6 to make it interesting, which he obviously didn’t do.

  4. dan, I fucked up today and looked in on crackpride for the first time in forever. I stopped lurking a while ago because the brickyard was the only fun thing for me to read and it had turned in to a super racist right wing echo chamber. Now it’s bleeding into the sports side too? That sucks; what would the majority of NCST’s revenue athlete’s think of the way their fans talk about people who look like them on that board?

    Either way, I wanted to give you props for rationally and logically standing up to those buffoons of the BY. I’m glad somebody does.

  5. Yeah….the people who are more center or center-left are greatly outnumbered, so it makes us (well, most of us) choose our battles as far as which threads we’ll really argue over.

    There are several guys who post there that have no real interest in discussing anything, they are just trolls. They’ll ask question after question, but they never, ever answer one. I tend to go through spells where I don’t post much at all, then some topic will get me wound up a little.

    That’s actually one thing I always liked when this place was jumping. I don’t think anyone here ever had their mind changed, but no matter what we would typically respond to questions and have discussions. Usually we didn’t resort to name-calling.

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