The #FreePJ Movement Worked

Looks like all those peeps asking for PJ Hairston to be freed got their wish today, as he is free from any responsibilities to the UNC basketball program.  UNC announced today that they will not seek reinstatement for the suspended shooting guard.


27 thoughts on “The #FreePJ Movement Worked

  1. Mike, I would say it’s succinct not lazy. And true. Of course it would have been true either way.

  2. ^That’s because when he got around to suspending PJ, we already knew he was driving cars that didn’t belong to him multiple times for an extended period of time….on top of the gun, weed and driving like a lunatic.

  3. All I would like to know is when the NCAA told UNX that PJ was done. He was able to practice which obviously means he was still going to school (you;d think) so the timing of all this with the semester JUST being over seems odd.

    First off, everybody knew that PJ’s punishment was going to be worse than LMac’s. Now, seeing as how UNX had apparently been negotiating FOR WEEKS to bring down LMac’s punishment from sitting out 18 to only 9 games AND that “While McDonald was held responsible for somewhere in the neighborhood of 25% of the rental car usage discovered by UNC and the NCAA, roughly 75% of those benefits fell on an unnamed individual. That individual was most certainly Hairston” (Barbour, Brain). Sure the NCAA won’t talk about the sliding scale they used in determining LMac’s or PJ’s fates, but not even considering they most likely found out PJ lied to the NCAA a while ago ( I mean c’mon, who would like to argue they JUST found that out?), one would logically would assume that they knew PJ would get the entire season taken away at the latest when the NCAA told them about LMac’s punishment.

    So here we have PJ who has been practicing with the team and officially on the roster, going to school and finishing the semester. Does the timing reflect any consistencies with the rumor Dan brought up about keeping PJ technically on the team for the APR score? I honestly don’t know that much about the APR at all or the fact that there’s a great chance he won’t finish his degree anyway, so if someone could enlighten me that would be great.

  4. ^Or he could have a coach who genuinely cares about his players and recognizes that this particular player has a habit of self destructive behavior when he’s not in a structured environment.

  5. ^Perhaps that is the case, but rememember, PJ and his parents were disappointed that UNX didn’t try and submit a request for reinstatement, probably meaning they were led to believe that PJ would have a good chance to return to the court.

    Dangling the possibility that he would play again, like Bubba said he would (but for not all the games) back in August, keeps him in school and good academic standing and out of the NBDL draft.

  6. tacos, once again, you decide to assign motivation to the Carolina admin with no factual basis whatsoever. And as usual, it is a totally nefarious motivation. Here’s a novel thought, maybe everyone there thought that they could work through PJ’s infractions and come out on the other side with a resolution that is positive for PJ and the admin.
    Or maybe you’re right and Carolina, for their own purposes, is just out to screw every recruit they get.

  7. Well FWIW, I would bet my life that UNX tried whatever they could to get him back on the team and playing again. That would have obviously been the best for both parties. I am just questioning the timing.

    IC stated that sources indicated that UNX wanted to package the two cases (LMac’s and PJ’s) together, once they were resolved. But why? They knew weeks ago that the NCAA wanted to suspend LMac for 18 games and that he was on the hook for only 25% of the recorded benefits. They were able to get that 18 games down to 9 but that tells us that the NCAA was most likely definitely going to rule PJ ineligible for the whole season initially.

    So with UNX knowing this, you would think they would probably let PJ and his family know he wouldn’t play again weeks ago OR submit a request for reinstatement on his behalf to get a lesser punishment. But they didn’t. Why not?

    An obvious answer to me is that they of course don’t want to let the public know what all PJ did which would be a consequence for a reinstatement request. That is understandable. But it just so happens that a consequence for not telling PJ and his family that he wouldn’t suit up again, UNX was able to reap the benefits (pun…well…kind of intended) of having a player NOT drop out of school in the middle of the semester.

  8. …plus, we know that UNX worked with the NCAA in a joint investigation. So we know they weren’t kept in the dark about what all he did.

  9. We will never know the motivation behind the time, Tacos. What we know is that Bubba and Roy still think PJ is a good kid who made bad decisions. What we can hope, which is terrible to hope for to begin with, is that something new came up that told them he was done.

    There are way too many unquantifiable variables in this to try to figure out what really happened. What we know is that a UNC team who is struggling on the court told its best player that it won’t ask for reinstatement. So his transgressions were obviously pretty bad and pretty deep.

    What we also know is that no college, be it State, Kentucky, UCONN, Duke, or UNC has any right to call out other programs for being shady anymore. College sports are the dirtiest unkept secret there is. All we can hope for is that these guys figure out ways to keep their programs clean. We can’t expect them to be parents to these kids or know what they do 24/7.

    As long as the coaching staffs are clean, there really isn’t much to say about the players’ actions. Most of these kids are from non-wealthy backgrounds and the temptations put before them are too much to resist. It’s like the marshmallow test. If they can wait, and they are good enough, they will have the spoils. The problem is, unlike the marshmallow test, if they are good enough on the court/field, they will have the spoils no matter what.

    The problem is, unless a kid is a legacy or wants to build one of his own, why should he resist the temptations if he knows he is a lottery pick already no matter what he does? There is nothing in it for the kid to stay clean anymore. Someone like PJ may actually benefit from not playing this year, as he can’t really hurt his stock with poor play or injury.

    Just some early morning thoughts. I need coffee.

  10. Just read some comments on another site about this. Wow. UNC fan really thinks that PJ was dealt with unfairly here. Not because of the angle Tacos is taking, that point never surfaces, but because he should have been playing all along and UNC failed him when it didn’t get him back on the court. Just wow.

  11. There are comments out there from Fats Thomas that he talked with UNC lawyers but never talked with the NCAA.

    The only reason to avoid applying for reinstatement is to avoid putting details out in public. No application = no public record. If you apply, even in a case you know is very unlikely to fail, you avoid having the player’s family making statements expressing their disappointment.

    It is a major coincidence that I’ve been reading rumors that PJ was being kept around to finish the semester for APR purposes and then his case just happens to get settled just after the end of the semester…..a case that is so egregious that UNC didn’t even attempt to have him reinstated.

    I actually feel bad for PJ. He was generally seen as a 15-25 pick in the draft last year, was somehow convinced to come back even though it was a horrible idea, and now this…..

    The biggest question now is whether or not UNC will vacate any wins from last year since it is proven that some of the NCAA-illegal rides were taken as early as January.

  12. A) that’s a broad brush, Champs. Normally I wouldn’t say anything because I, too, have a broad brush. But you’re normally the guy telling me not to paint with it, sooo…

    B)that’s not the “only reason not to apply for reinstatement” dan. And you goddamn well know it but your head is stuck so far up the “WE HAVE TO DESTROY UNC AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT” beast’s ass that you’ll never admit it. People like you should never be allowed to leave the PackPride compound; you are the vey definition of Lunatic Fringe. Guys like you embarass the majority of NCST fans who are normal, non-jihadi people. If we were in the Middle East you’d be the kind of guy terrorists would recruit to wear a suicide vest.

  13. “that’s not the “only reason not to apply for reinstatement” dan.”

    What would be another reason then, pat?

  14. Yeah….what other reason is there?

    UNC applies, NCAA denies, and the family’s statement thanks UNC for the effort of trying to get PJ back on the court. Instead, you get the family saying that UNC hung him out to dry and didn’t fight for him. People everywhere are itching for reasons to criticize the NCAA, and UNC passed up a chance to give them another one.

    I don’t mean to sound crazy, but any coach recruiting against Roy probably likes UNC handling of the situation.

  15. Pat, you always say something. I could say water is wet and you would go all caps and tell me I’m a fucking lunatic.

    And yeah, I’ll ask too. What other reason is there to ask for reinstatement?

  16. How about because during the course of your investigation you found iron clad proof against the kid that he committed violations you can’t beat? Or because the kid straight up admitted to the investigators that he committed all of the violations they accused him of when asked? Or because the NCAA flat out told them that he won’t be reinstated no matter what and not to waste the paper?

    I’m not saying any of those are what happened, but there are THREE other possible and just as likely scenarios. Assholes.

  17. “there are THREE other possible and just as likely scenarios”


    Even Greg Barnes has sources that indicate PJ mislead the NCAA.

    There goes your number #2.

    Your first and third scenarios are exactly the same. The request is pretty much just a formality after the school and NCAA know what the punishment likely is/will be. Even if UNX knew he would never play again it wouldn’t hurt to show they tried everything they could to get PJ back in baby blue. The Hairston’s sure thought they should have. Anyways, the only negative in doing so would be for the public to find out exactly what PJ is responsible for and just how much in illegal benefits he got, right under UNX’s nose.

    …and just an FYI, I don’t blame UNX one bit for not doing it. Smart move by them.

  18. Bothe the NCAA and the school did investigations. PJ could have lied to the NCAA but told the school the truth.

    Saying UNC is hiding something by not asking for reinstatement is stupid. If there was something to hide the NCAA would have investigated THEM and PJ. They didn’t. Just more conspiracy theories from the world champ conspiracy nuts.

    Sorry to rain on your “THIS IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION” parade. Y’all are idiots.

  19. Dude we aren’t saying UNX IS hiding anything from the NCAA. Drop your defense a little brah. All we are saying is that they don’t have to display all they found to the PUBLIC. jesus, bro.

    Remember how the ENTIRE academic scandal started. Information went public about McAdoo’s paper. See the possible headache UNX wants to avoid?

  20. “Dude we aren’t saying UNX IS hiding anything from the NCAA. ”
    tacos, that is EXACTLY what you’re saying. Dude, stop trying to hide from it, Brah.

  21. No, it isn’t. I’d assume the NCAA already knows plenty and a sheet of paper asking for PJ’s return wouldn’t reveal anything. Open your eyes. PJ’s dirty laundry isn’t out there for the PUBLIC to see. Fact. If you don’t think that was the major factor in not submitting a request for reinstatement, then your just being willingly naive.

    I’d also say good game to you today gspirate, but you probably wouldn’t know what I was talking about because I didn’t go to Davidson.

  22. I’m basing my logic on what THF is saying. He thinks that it is most likely that UNC didn’t want to air things and open up their doors to the NCAA again.

    “Protecting UNC in general and the basketball program as a whole was also a factor in this decision. Bubba Cunningham has a responsibility to the bigger picture. The is a legitimate concern that moving forward with a reinstatement request could open the door for the NCAA to launch a bigger investigation. UNC is choosing to walk away from this one case in hopes they can close the book on all manner of NCAA issues involving the school. You never know what the NCAA will do if allowed to hang around and continue to dig so UNC decided to cut this business off now. Yes it meant not giving Hairston the benefit of the full range of available options but that really doesn’t matter. The request would have failed because there is evidence Hairston lied plus the benefits were way too high to expect the NCAA to reinstate him.” – Brian Barbour

  23. something tells me PJ and Will Graves will both be rooming together in one of Roy’s “properties” by springtime…

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