25 thoughts on “Make 23 out of 47 Free Throws = Another Home Loss

  1. Thought a new post was needed since I’ve completely forgot what the Shadrach post was originally about, it devolved into a UNC/State spat. Like the good ‘ol days.

    TSB must be back

  2. Short of dan & Tacos going batshit crazy on all things Carolina, nothing pisses me off more than watching college players, especially Tar Heel players, miss free throws.
    And don’t get me started on lack of rebounds.
    Damn, just damn!

  3. No point in PJ leaving now…there’s no draft til next summer. Besides, bet he’ll be playing as a Tar Heel in the next couple of weeks.

  4. I meant after this season, gs. Not now, because that would indeed be pointless.

    One has to give Roy credit for keeping him off the squad at this point. There must be some dirty dirt on him, because three losses before Christmas is unheard of for the Heels, is it not? But Roy has not panicked and put him back on the court. Dirty dirt there must be. That’s just a guess though.

  5. UNX is the most Jekyll and Hyde team I think I have ever seen. What seems to be the obvious kryptonite for them is the line. If you got the depth to foul them hard and often, then they will beat themselves.

    When it comes to PJ, UNX has perfected the art of acting the victim, so whatever total he did do I’m sure it will be the NCAA’s fault.

  6. “UNX has perfected the art of acting the victim”


  7. psshhh, your ignorance of the song and what you consider to be “ironic” makes me giggle.

  8. Little boy that song was released when I was a sophomore or junior in HS. That CD was in heavy rotation in my home and car for years. For a whippersnapper like you to throw shade on my knowledge of the song is simply silly.

  9. Lol…nah dogg, it’s just that she never mentions anything actually ironic in the song. But I guess the fact that you think she does is somewhat ironic, I suppose.

  10. When the song came out my English teacher made a lesson of it. I know more about that song than I ever wanted to.

  11. You can add “being a fan of Alanis Morrisette” to the list of things I would never, and The Great One means EVER admit to.

  12. Rain on your wedding day isnt really ironic, it just sucks.

    (It snowed on my wedding day, in April).

  13. Mike, Alanis Morrisette is badass and Jagged Little Pill kicked ass. I seriously recommend listening to that album and seeing how much better she is compared to the garbage women artists record today.

  14. Tacos, we currently have a slew of awesome music out here. My current, and has been for months now, heavy rotation album is Imagine Dragons. Never. Gets. Old.

    Fun is also great but he talks about his mom way too much. If you can ignore that, it rocks out.

    Deathcab is always a good listen.

    Of Monsters and Men is simply brilliant. They came from some Icelandic reality show to build a band, I have heard, but I have not researched.

    Gotye is pretty good.

    Broken Bells have a new album about to drop, and if it is half as good as their first collaboration, it will be the shit.

  15. Dude, love OMAM. Have listened to every song they have ever recorded (that is available on spotify).

    It seems that this decade is sliding us ever further into some kind of electro-dance/pop and new-age folk craze. That’s fine for me because I can find enjoyment from most bands in any genre.

    Nothing will ever be as good as the grunge and post grunge rock era of the nineties for me, though. (88-96) I got into it later of course, but wish I had been old enough back then to fully enjoy bands like Alice In Chains, STP, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, MLB, and Screaming Trees while they were on top. Hell, even alternative back then was awesome. Back when I had my XM radio at work in Raleigh we always left it on Lithium, which played only 90′s grunge and alternative.

  16. it’s so fun to watch UNC hoops when Roy just can’t roll the ball out to four future NBA stars…

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