MMF: ACC Championship Game and the best ending to a college football game. EVER!

Think Saban is regretting that field goal try?

oh yeah, and this.


2013 ACC Championship Game – Florida State vs Duke

Saturday at 8PM.  FSU favored by 28.5

Michigan gambled and lost, I dont agree with the call to go for two.

North Carolina basketball, beat Louisville one week, lose to UAB the next.

Hey statefan, Auburn didnt win a game in their conference last year, look what happened a year later. Give Double D some time.




23 thoughts on “MMF: ACC Championship Game and the best ending to a college football game. EVER!

  1. Last time I remember that happening was in the NFL. The Ravens pulled it off against someone. I remember, because Ray Lewis laid out the most deadly block on someone I have ever seen on the return.

  2. McQuarters did it for the Bears a few years back. I think Hester had one the same season, but it might have been the season after.

  3. Pretty amazing finish. Already tired of seeing it though.

    …and thank god Bama won’t play for another title.

    When it comes to Doeren and statefan tolerance, I am willing to let it just ride. I say never fire him. I am so freakin sick of the term “rebuilding” I could hang myself. When it comes to State football, “rebuilding” is a misnomer anyway. It’s not like anything was ever built to begin with.

  4. Tacos, no faith in the Dukies?!

    Should FSU & OSU both lose this weekend, you can most certainly bet Alabama will be playing for another title.

    Longshot, but it’s still possible.

  5. Youre correct, and I dont think that would be right. That would be an all SEC Championship game again. With Bama not even winning their division, playing in the Natty game vs Auburn or Missouri.

    FSU will not lose to Duke.

  6. We had that happen with Alabama already, right? It was not right then and it would not be right now. Without a playoff it is fraudulent for a team to play for the Natty if they failed to win their own conference.

  7. ^I did. Namely “why the fuck is UNC so maddeningly inconsistent? How does this team lose to Belmont/UAB and beat L’Ville and MSU? Why does Nutella and peanut butter taste so good together on a sandwich? How long before we know something about McDonald and PJ? WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE KIDS SO INCONSISTENT?”

    That’s what I thought, at least.

  8. VANDYMAN!!!!!

    That’s really all I need to say. I wish I had time to post, my friends. Sorry about that whole work thing.

  9. “Without a playoff it is fraudulent for a team to play for the Natty if they failed to win their own conference.”

    Psshhh…hey waiter, may I have some more weak sauce please?

    Bama was the best team in college football that year and played the second best team in the NCG. Who cares if they were in the same division. They aren’t the best team this year, so they won’t play. That’s how it should work. What would have been fraudulent would’ve been to let the NIT champions BSU to play that season. The playoff will be better than the BCS but the BCS served it’s purpose as the next best deal for 15 years.

    I also solved the UNX enigma. Play your absolute worst basketball and they will beat you. There. Oh and not condensing your D on their bigs forcing them to shoot outside shots and not putting them on the line enough would probably do the trick as well.

  10. I have read rumors that PJ and LM are not going to be allowed to play again, but that the “official” announcement won’t be made until the semester ends so that they don’t withdraw and break UNC’s APR. No idea about the validity of it, but it makes as much sense as any other explanation.


    How do you claim to know that ‘Bama isn’t the best team this year? Are you sure they aren’t at least one of the best 2? The lost a tough game on the road, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t beat FSU, OSU, or Auburn if they played them on a neutral field tomorrow. Are you sure that Oklahoma State or Stanford couldn’t have beaten LSU and/or Alabama that year?

  11. Dan,

    Bama had the best loss amongst all the other 1-loss BCS teams. I know because the team they lost to also played in the NCG. You’re right though because I maybe have spoken too soon about Bama this year. If FSU and tOSU lose in their conference championship games to teams that obviously aren’t as good as Auburn, then they will be one of the two best teams. So it won’t bother me seeing them there, other than it will just make me sick of seeing them.

  12. ^^I heard rumors that State Fans don’t want to talk about Shadrach Thornton so they are making shit up about UNC

  13. I’m not making it up, and I clearly said it was a rumor that I heard. It makes more sense than any other explanation I’ve heard for their situation.

    As far as Thornton is concerned, he is likely done at NCSU. He may be done just because of the possession charge, but he is certainly done if there is any validity at all to the other allegation.

    Just notice that this is ANOTHER instance of NCSU police actually investigating something concerning NCSU athletes. Then, compare that to the nudge, nudge, wink, wink story that was presented when a bunch of UNC football players flipped their car in Chapel Hill a couple of years ago.

  14. Soooo, if Mizzou beats Auburn why not put then in the Natty? Nobody is talking about that. Why dont they leap over thee OSU? Their only loss was to a current top ten team, in overtime, and they didnt have their starting QB.

    This was a Big 12 team two seasons ago.

    and I dont get UNC either. Just play top 5 teams the rest of the year……….except NC State, heyyyy-oooo.

    Roy obviously owns Tom H to tha IZZO!

  15. YES! Not hearing about a police cover up is absolute proof that there is no police cover up.

    I’m not saying that the police in Raleigh are sweeping transgressions by NCST players under the rug; I’m just pointing out that the logic is a little faulty.

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