State hires Dave Doeren

Less than one week after parting ways with Tom O’Brien, NC State has hired Dave Doeren from Northern Illionis. Doeren just led the NIU Huskies to their second straight MAC Championship and an outside chance at a BCS bowl game. In his two years at NIU, Doeren has a 23-4 overall record.

“I am honored and excited to join the Wolfpack. NC State has world-class facilities and fans that are second to none,  I want to thank Chancellor Woodson and Debbie Yow for this tremendous opportunity. My family and I can’t wait to get to Raleigh and become Wolfpackers. While I look forward to our future at State, I want to acknowledge and thank the Northern Illinois players and fans for their support the last two years, especially President Peters and athletic director Jeff Compher.” – Dave Doreren

NIU AD Jeff Compher is a former NC State employee and recommended Doeren to Yow.


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  1. I thought recruiting was the main reason TOB got fired. This guy doesn’t seem to have any ties to the Florida/Georgia pipeline to get the talent that Yow covets or any real great history of recruiting. We’ll see how he works out, only time will tell.

    I think it’s a smarter move than it would have been to have hired Dykes, Doeren actually seems to know that defense isn’t completely outlawed in college football.

  2. i have seen his name spelled three different ways.

    He said he recruited Florida heavily when he was at Wisconsin.

  3. Did Northern Illinois have “Alabama” type talent?

    And I question any kid from Florida who chooses to attend college in……Wisconsin…..

  4. Yeah, but looking through Wisconsin football commits from the time he was there, he certainly didn’t seem to be pulling really any high-profile Florida recruits. I hope he does well and wish him the best, just odd that recruiting seemed to be such a thing for Yow but brings in a guy who really wasn’t killing it when he was the recruiting coordinator for Wisconsin.

  5. ^
    True. Im guessing most of the top tier Florida recruits went to SEC schools or FSU and Miami, maybe one or two went elsewhere. Guess we will see what happens. Didnt NIU play NC State a few years ago?

  6. Yeah, you’re probably right. Plus, it’s gotta be hard anyway to get many kids to leave the state of Florida to play up in Wisconsin. Florida and Georgia should be easier to recruit for NC State than it was Wisconsin.

    In other news, did anyone see the story on La Tech not going bowling thanks to their genius AD?

  7. The state of NC doesn’t have the most fertile HS football landscape out there, but if this guy can keep some of the SEC-type guys in-state and coming to NCSU, he’ll be fine.

    Do I think he can do that? Not particularly, but best of luck to him.

  8. How many schools do pull in “high profile” Florida recruits?

    He doesn’t have to pull in top 10 classes to put State in a position to challenge to win the Atlantic. There’s just no reason NCSU should consistently be in the 50s in recruiting, and that’s about where TOB ended up.

  9. Again, I don’t think Yow meant “beat Alabama in recruiting every year” but merely, “let’s get a couple of highly-regarded kids/year.” If he can do that each season, and they have an impact, I think that part of his job will be a success.

  10. I’m not saying the guy has to pull the high profile guys necessarily. I’m just looking at the recruiting classes between 2007-2010 while he was at Wisconsin and don’t see where it’s that good and its at most marginally better than State.

    Team Rankings per Rivals…Year – Rank (Avg. Stars)

    2007 – 34 (3.06)
    2008 – 41 (2.83)
    2009 – 43 (3.00)
    2010 – 87 (2.88)

    NC State:
    2007 – 49 (2.64)
    2008 – 31 (2.88)
    2009 – 52 (2.78)
    2010 – 34 (3.05)

    Again, I’m not saying it was a bad hire. In fact, I think it will prove to be a real good hire and State will be a lot better off with Doeren than they would’ve been with Dykes. The only thing I question is the recruiting aspect since Yow has made it a focus ever since she became AD. It was mentioned many times during the basketball search and was probably the biggest thing mentioned as to why she fired TOB. I just expected Yow to hire a coach who has proven to be a real good recruiter. Not saying he’s a bad recruiter, just that nothing screams out that he’s going to consistently pull in top 30 classes.

    I hope he does well. I’m a Duke fan first, ACC fan second and want to see the conference do better when it comes to football. State pretty much has top 25ish type facilities and good football fan support. NCSU improving and contending in the Atlantic could help the conference a lot.

  11. I’m pretty sure he was recruiting coordinator at Kansas during the time that the players who would ultimately lead Mangino’s really good teams were recruited.

    I’m also pretty sure that UW’s class that was ranked 87th had 21 3 star players, while NCSU’s had 1 5 star, 4 4 stars, and 9 3 stars. I don’t know how they weight the rankings, but something seems strange about those numbers.

  12. I have no idea about how they weight the rankings. Like I said, I think the recruiting rankings are overrated, especially in football. I think Doeren will do good at State and am glad they hired someone who can coach defense. Unlike the NFL, in college – defense still wins championships.

    I’ll agree on TOB and State’s recruiting in general the past 5 or so years – there’s no reason a school with the facilities and fan support like State to not be pulling in better players.

  13. A lot of his past performance as a recruiter will be meaningless until he gets out there and starts forging relationship with high schools and coaches in NCSU’s normal footprint.

    At the end of the day, recruiting is about relationships and he’s got none, or close to none, at the time being. He’ll make them and it’ll be fine eventually, but he could just as easily exceed his past performance as a recruiter as fail to live up to it.

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