Just as ECU Joins the Big East, seven schools could be leaving

Actually nine if you count UConn and Cincinnati who have been begging to join the ACC.

Talk about bad timing for ECU but this does not look good.

The Big East’s basketball schools – Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova and DePaul – have been meeting to discuss leaving the conference and forming a basketball only conference.

The Big East’s new TV deal could be really bad. So bad that Boise State, San Diego State and BYU reportedly have contacted the Mountain West in the event the Big East becomes unstable.

Good read at SI.com saying that the Big East breakup is inevitable.

Should the seven schools officially leave, the Big East will have lost 17 different members since 2005.


5 thoughts on “Just as ECU Joins the Big East, seven schools could be leaving”

  1. Really bad break for ECU. I am surprised this has taken this long because this is the only way for the non-football schools to escape the football-driven realignment craziness and control their destiny.

  2. pretty soon Duke is going to look around and realize beating ECU by just a handful and UNC-Asheville by just two is ruining their hoops brand….

    (let alone losing to something called ‘Georgia Southern’)

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