Coaching Carousel: Fedora one and done at UNC? UPDATE

So you thought college football coaching news in the triangle ended when NC State nabbed Dave Doeren in less than a week?… WRONG!!

With the coaching carousel in full spin mode right now rumors about job openings and who is going where are popping up daily. One interesting one this morning….

Tennessee interviewing UNC’s Larry Fedora about their head coaching job.  That is right , could Fedora leave town after one year at Chapel Hill and head to the almighty SEC?

Here is what is being said on  Is he really considering leaving or maybe using this as a way to get more money, kind of like Les Miles at LSU.  It was pointed out that Fedora could have taken an SEC job last year  at Texas A&M in his hometown, College Station, TX.  Or he could bethinking of leaving because of more possible punishment for UNC football. When is the Martin Report coming out anyway?  

This also from It should be pointed out that this is happening in New York where Fedora and Bubba Cunningham are both in town for the National Football Foundation awards banquet. This even draws coaches and AD from every school to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where all sorts of networking and yes discussions about open job vacancies happen. If you recall, Cunningham did the bulk of his work during this event last year in hiring Fedora.

Right now it clearly in the yes he is/no he isnt interviewing phase.

Other coaching talk.

Apparently Auburn is going hard after Kirby Smart.  Now sounds like Gus Malzahn will be back at Auburn, this time as the head coach.

Mike (I’m a man, I’m 40) Gundy to Arkansas from Ok. State.   Bret Bielema heading to Arkansas from Wisconsin. Apparently this news stirred up a helping of possible #NCStateSheeeeeet with thoughts of Doeren backing out of his deal and heading back to Wisconsin.  I dont see that happening.

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  1. Look, you all need to stop referring to what coaches do these days as “Beamering”. They just get their agents or pal ADs at other schools to float their names out there so that they get a raise.

    Beamer CLOWNED THE HELL out of UNC back in the day and had them actually believing he was going to be the coach there, before ultimately getting what he wanted in a lifetime deal for himself and a raise for all his coaches.

    Please respect these high standards in the future before you say some coach is “Beamering” another school.

  2. Kev, Beamer did set the standard. And Calipari executed it nicely against NC State. So I won’t be throwing that around…

    This would be ironic, given that a lot of us thought Butch Davis would use UNC as a stepping stone to get back to Arkansas.

    Seriously though, why would any coach want to leave the intimidating confines of the pine trees and silver painted fans?

  3. ^
    and Gio running back last second game winning TD punts against that school in Raleigh, the one with their main sports stadiums 20 miles off campus.

    /thats all I got

  4. I can’t see any of this happening. I don’t know anything about Fedora, but that kind of move puts a serious long-term stink on a coach. Just ask that jackass in SoCal about it. I don’t see him as the type to ditch after a season.

    Now, that being said, the two TN alumni that I know both stated that the school is set to pony up major cashish for the right candidate. And, Fedora could use the threat of more sanctions as an additional reason. Maybe TN will come strong with some extra Red Bull as well.

  5. besides Fedora still hasn’t moved his family to Chapel Hill. it’s not like he’s planning on sticking around anyways…

  6. Craig,

    The reason Kiffin has a stink is because his team sucks. Ask Petrino or Saban how skipping from school to school works…they did fine because they won. Winning makes everything better…heck give Petrino some time for that motorcycle thing to blow over…he may be back in the game before you know it.

  7. Honestly, this is getting embarrassing for TN. It’s a storied program but now can’t seem to land a coach. How is this possible? At this point, will they be looking into NFL assistants.

    Hey, what about Friedgen? Or Greg Schiano?

  8. established coaches are throwing themselves at the Arky job, while nobody wants the UT job?


  9. I think this is mostly Tennessee’s fault, they went all pie in the sky and went after Gruden. Now they are left trying to find somebody.

    Petrino is still out there. Just tell him he cant hire his own secretaries and no riding on Harleys.

  10. The thing with Petrino is how he not only screwed teams…he did it in spectacular fashion and teams lined up to hire him.

    Heck, the Dolphins are still recovering from the screwover that Saban pulled on them…well some of the long recovery time is on the Dolphins.

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