The ORLY Factor. John Calipari says Duke players are “flopping all over the place”.

Duke played Kentucky in the Champions Classic in Atlanta last night.  They were led by Seth Curry’s 23 points in the 75-68 win over the defending champions.

At halftime, with his team down by two points, Calipari was asked about the first half of the game when he called out Duke’s players for flopping.  While likely true, his claim about them getting suspended in the NBA for flopping is false,  The leagues new anti-flopping rule is just a warning, followed by fines (up to $30,000)  for repeat offenders.

I didn’t see the game but I heard that during the broadcast Dick Vitale was just gushing about NC State. That is right,  Vitale was talking in a positive manner about NC State during a DUKE game. The earth must have stopped spinning, I’m now convinced the Mayan’s were correct, the world is ending in about a month.


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  1. You can always count on Cal to blame something when he’s getting his ass out coached and his team outplayed. Sad thing is that Duke has been accused of flopping but anyone who actually watched the first half of last night’s game couldn’t seriously have said Duke was out there flopping. I’ll give the guy some credit, he knows trolling with the ever lame Duke-flop comment will win him some points with fans and overshadow the fact that Duke has owned Kentucky for the past 30 years.

    He should have spent more time focusing on his own team in the first 25 minutes and figured out a way not to have Mason own his all-world recruit Nerlens Noel. If anyone is giving NBA advice it should be Cal though, I mean his players will probably take a pay cut when declaring for the draft.

  2. ^
    Is this a good time to also bring back up the “Duke doesnt schedule true road games” narrative?

    //two hats in 3…2…

  3. I watched the first half and didn’t see anything that would described as flopping.

    This never ceases to amaze me. So Coach K knows how to take advantage of a rule just enough to win an advantage and that’s considered a bad thing?

    I hate to invoke UNC football cheating excuses, but everyone does it. But unlike UNC’s football program, Duke does it better than everyone else.

    UCONN > Mich. St > Kansas = UCONN > Kansas.


  4. I’m a Duke fan and I’ve seen some flopping by them, I’d be blind and lying if I said otherwise. I could say the same thing about almost every other team. It doesn’t help that every Duke game is on national television where every single call either way is broken down in slow-mo for the whole country to see.

    The issue I have with Cal is that he chose to bring it up after a first half in which there really wasn’t any flopping at all. I could say there was more flopping and milking calls in the second half by both teams than there were in the first. Calipari just can’t handle losing and always feels the need to start some crap with someone when he doesn’t get his way. He was the same way when he was coaching UMass. He’s never been classy or gracious in defeat, always just pointing fingers or saying something stupid to make you forget he lost the actual game.

  5. If you can’t tell, I really do despise Calipari and Kentucky. I don’t like UNC, being our rivals and all, but I at least respect them. UK and Cal, not so much…

  6. Meh, I tried. UCONN will tumble quickly, unfortunately. Their big men are turble.

    Look, it’s frustrating as hell to see Duke do what it does sometimes but I totally get it. Other than Steve Blake, I’ve never wanted to punch a college kid more than I did Greg Paulus. I remember a game against State where he was dribbling around the perimeter, clearly with no way to dish or penetrate, and I saw it coming, I even said, “He’s going to draw a blo … ”


    Mother effer just dribbles straight into a Pack player. Not even debatable, just jumped into him. You could see it happening in his face …

    But he got the call.

    I still want to punch Blake.

  7. “I’ve never wanted to punch a college kid more than I did Greg Paulus.”

    I take it you never watched Laettner and Hurley play…

  8. I did; Laettner was a more talented version of Hansbrough … all “I’m just retaliating … they came at me first” and so forth.

  9. Cal was most likely talking about Ryan Kelly falling on his ass on two three point attempts at the top of the key in the first half.

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