Maryland; They Gone

Numerous people on Twitter are reporting that sources have said Maryland’s bolting of the ACC for the B1G has been voted on and will be announced officially later today:

Unanimously, no less.  Fare ye well, turtles… may you spend less time on your back in the B1G than you did in the ACC.

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  1. Good. I hope this opens the door for UCONN to the ACC so I can finally pull for one conference again.

    But that would be weird …

  2. Not a good weekend for the ACC. One of their charter members bolts, Miami bans itself again, opening the door for a probable 6-6 team in the ACCCG. The ACC also might not be able to fill out their bowl games.

  3. Craig,
    Even though I think that UConn would be the obvious choice, I agree with what Kev said in the previous post. The ACC needs to go after a football school.

    Just dont know what football school is out there.

    Swofford is going to have to beg and plead for Notre Dame to become a full member

  4. Like I said in the last thread – the Big Ten has effectively destabilized the ACC. This will most likely be the first of many ACC defections in the next year or so and the end of them being a true power conference. FSU is good as gone…

  5. Maybe I’m overreacting out of panic, but the only thing that saves the ACC now is non-equal distribution of revenues based on performance somehow. Otherwise football schools are going to be looking to bolt.

    (I said this before when the conference was set at 14, but it wasn’t as urgent of a need then)

  6. Yeah Kev, I hope I’m overreacting since I’ve lived and been an ACC fan my entire life but I don’t see how the ACC is going to make it out of this expansion business in any good standing. FSU is gone, it’s only a matter of when and where. When they leave, Clemson will be right along with possibly VT as I doubt they want to be stuck in a pure basketball conference. I fear this is only the first domino.

    I said it then and I still say it now – adding ND didn’t accomplish anything if their football program wasn’t coming in as well.

  7. This move by the Terps is extremely problematic for the ACC and the myth of john Swofford. First problem is now ND is in a power position to become a full-time member and to demand unequal revenue splits (that never works in the long term). In addition FSU & Clemson will be looking really hard at the SEC. The hook will be a conference with all the big-name football schools under one roof forming a TV network for the south. This is made easier by the success of Texas A&M not falling on their face in year one of the SEC. A couple of hidden layers, with Fox buying the YES network (Fox owns 50% of B1G Network) that is the access to the NY market that has escaped everyone else.

  8. Well there goes that Pitt/Virginia primary partnership Maryland had.

    This could potentially be really bad for the ACC. A charter member is leaving, FSU, which gives the ACC some shred of credibility in football has to be watching and waiting. They didnt like the TV deal, they voted against the exit fee increase(along with Maryland), the Big XII surely wants to get back to 12 teams. Maryland could be the first domino.

    Or nothing could happen, bring on UConn or some other crappy football school.

    Isnt Swofford playing chess, while everyone else is playing checkers? So we heard

  9. The ACC (or what’s left of it) needs to create a true seismic shift in the conference landscape. Stop poaching one or two teams at a time every couple years and propose a full blown merger with the Big 12… take the lead in creating the first Super Conference.

    Or don’t and get picked apart…

  10. Yeah, the ACC has no real identity now, does it?

    The ND pick up was a laugher. ND was like, “We’ll come on board but not include the only reason any conference wants us to join, thus rendering the whole deal about as valuable as a screen door on a submarine.” And the ACC was like, “Welcome aboard!”

  11. I betcha Swofford and others are now kicking themselves for not letting West Virginia in the league when they wanted in. Maryland probably would prefer to stay if West Virginia is in the league considering they’d finally had their natural rivals in-league. Plus, WV would have only helped the league out in football.

  12. Here some great points on the radio from Wes Durham, voice of the Yellow Jackets (and Atlanta Falcons), Woody’s son…

    He pointed out that Mr. Under Armor, Kevin Plank, cashed in 1.3 million shares of his companies stock last week, is he going to help his school out? Who knows, but that could help Maryland pay the ol’ ACC exit fee. Maryland will go from getting a $17 million dollar cut in the ACC TV deal to about 25 million in the Big Ten. Big Ten has their own network, which has been very successful.

    Forget tradition and rivalries, its about Money!

  13. Yep its all about money and foohbaw is where the money is.

    Not trying to be a butthole to your point Josh, but no…please no WVU in the ACC. Please no.

  14. I know Todd, I really didn’t want them either. Just thinking the ACC may be better off with them in the league considering football/money will continue to trump academics/tradition.

  15. Seriously, at this point, the only way the ACC survives is to make concessions to either Texas, ND… or both, and get them in as full members.

  16. Didn’t the SEC and maybe another conference say no to WVU?

    I dunno…I’d rather have a non-football conference than one that looks bad academically.

  17. Yeh this is a bit upsetting but the BIG12 was on the ropes worse than this last year and they managed. So, we’ll see how it pans out. I for one don’t know that Uconn would bring anything to the table…that would help the ACC in this case.

  18. This is what will happen in 7-10 years.

    FSU, Miami, GT and Clemson in the Big 12

    State, and VT in the SEC

    UNX and UVa in the B1G

    Duke, Wake and everyone else left from the ACC and Big East who haven’t been picked up by one of the four eventual 16-team superconferences, join forces and create the Big Atlantic Conference.

  19. I could easily see that Tacos. If I’m the ACC, I say forget about trying to get a school that matches our so-called higher academics. You need the best athletic programs with some good football if you’re going to survive. Academics at this point shouldn’t matter especially when considering Miami is self-imposing another bowl-ban, the whole UNC fiasco and the most talked about school to come aboard is UConn who has their own academic/athletic issues going on right now. ACC should face it, it’s going to die if it focuses on basketball or academics at this point.

    If the ACC wants to stabilize itself, it should go hard at Louisville and West Virginia. They both bring something to the table when it comes to football and Louisville brings the basketball tradition as well. The ACC could possibly survive and be one of the four 16-team conferences that everyone knows that college is going to end up with.

    You could basically have the ACC South and ACC North divisions:

    ACC South:
    Florida State
    Georgia Tech
    NC State
    Wake Forest

    ACC North:
    Virginia Tech
    West Virginia
    Boston College
    Notre Dame (if they ever go to full membership)

    You’d still be loaded in basketball but your football doesn’t look nearly as inept as it does now. Adding Louisville and West Virginia probably keeps FSU and Clemson happy enough not to bolt considering they’ve already said in the past day they want a more football oriented school to come aboard.

  20. Sub someone else in for WV. I didn’t know that the Big XII owns the television rights for 13 years to any school that leaves.

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