ACC Week 11 Preview: Playing Out the String

I’m getting this out there early this week because I’ll be heading up to Blacksburg soon for the Hokies game tonight and I won’t be online much tomorrow, but this weekend doesn’t appear to be all that exciting and a lot of teams are playing out the string

(Thurs) Florida State @ Virginia Tech #FSUvsVT – ESPN (XM 85 :: SIRIUS 85) – 7:30 p.m. ET
Miami @ Virginia #MIAvsUVA – ABC (XM 192 :: SIRIUS 136) – 12:00 p.m. ET
Georgia Tech @ North Carolina #GTvsUNC – ACC Network (XM 190 :: SIRIUS 123) – 12:30 p.m. ET
Wake Forest @ NC State #WAKEvsNCSU – RSN (XM 191 :: SIRIUS 132) – 3:00 p.m. ET
Maryland @ Clemson #MDvsCLEM – ESPNU (XM 192 :: SIRIUS 136) – 3:30 p.m. ET
Notre Dame @ Boston College #NDvsBC – ABC (XM 194 :: SIRIUS 113) – 8:00 p.m. ET

FSU/VT – A game near & dear to my heart, but it’s not likely to turn out well for the Hokies this year.  VT is a double digit home underdog for the first time since 2001 (Miami) and based on recent performances, do not show any signs of keeping this one close.  Looking at the Hokies with the most positive of views one could argue that if they eliminated the red zone mistakes on offense and tightened up on special teams, a win could be had… but when those problems persist all season, it’s not an aberration, it’s a pattern. A pattern that won’t be broken tonight.

GT/UNC – The first of two local home games this weekend finds the disappointing Yellow Jackets visiting Chapel Hill.  They got off the schnide last week against a Maryland team with a LB for a QB, but a win’s a win.  UNC will need this one if they want a chance to claim a asterisked Coastal title.  Due to GT being so terrible on D, UNC should be able to score and this game will come down to how the Heels handle the GT triple option.

Wake/NCSU – The seat is getting really warm in Raleigh as the Pack tries to right the ship.  An Atlantic title is unlikely at this point, but TOB is going to need to rally the troops to insure that he keeps his job next year and gets the Pack to a decent bowl game this season.  Wake is Wake… they could make a game of this, but really, NCSU has to win, don’t they?

The rest of the ACC slate has Miami visiting UVa (yawn), Maryland headed to slaughter at Clemson, and Notre Dame taking on BC in a Catholic showdown.  No out of conference games this week *wink wink*

Duke gets a bye so they can prepare to finish up against GT & Miami, as they keep their hopes alive for their first ACC title since 1989.

Who do you have winning all the games this weekend?  Are there going to be any upsets?

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  1. Watch State rebound and win the last three. Hell, I don’t know what should happen with TOB … but I can tell you that I have no regrets about not being able to watch the game this weekend and that many, many Pack fans have suddenly focused heavily on hoops … has TOB lost the football fans with that VA loss? Very possible.

    Any other Pack fans feeling that?

  2. Craig,

    I’m a bad packfan because I don’t know this, but weren’t there some issues off season that eliminated a couple of LBs from the lineup? Also were there injuries to the O-line as well?

    My reason for asking is this…NCSU is a fundamentally flawed team in 3 areas. O-Line, LB’s, and defensive secondary. The LB issues and any o-line injuries would help explain that and I think the secondary stems from Amerson making big plays in gimme games last season and him drinking his preseason koolaid this year.

    If that’s the case, then TOB should be fine. I like TOB. His teams get better in the second half (typically) and they get better as the season goes on. His teams typically play with discipline and he takes 2-star recruits and makes something of them.

    However, he hasn’t gotten many 4- and 5-star recruits and I think the UNC game loss was a bad coaching decision not to play for the win. UVA? I can’t explain that one. But I can’t see a reason to send TOB packing yet.

  3. Yeah, he didn’t expect to lose Green or Manning at LB. Nevertheless, the depth should have been there. I’m not sure Amerson was “drinking the kool aid” as much as opposing OCs saw ways to beat him. He’s good at challenging one on one, but he’s not as fast as a wide out who catches a ball, say, in the flat or in any place that provides a chance for them to get a step on him. He can blanket a WR in certain patterns but if you catch him providing space, a quick wide-out will burn him. He has NFL size and intelligence so when under an NFL talent coach, he’ll blossom.

    He didn’t play for the tie in the UNC game. There was a big sack that changed the game plan on that last possession. Punting was the right idea, it was just a bad punt. If the game was longer, State may have scored again. But it all comes down to has the most points when the clock expires.

    My issue, primarily, is the ups and downs. The Carolina loss was acceptable, Bernard is a great player. The Miami and VA games are signs of bigger issues. In year six, with only a couple of season-ending injuries, depth should not at all be an issue.

    There comes a time when the crappy losses outweigh the big ones. If the reason you’re not advancing is because you consistently lose games you should win, then something is wrong, the wheels are spinning.

    I like TOB as well and have personal connections to the staff, so I’d hate to see them go. But in general, they don’t get paid to be liked, they get paid to win. Harsh assessment, but a fact nonetheless.

  4. Carl, after the sack, TOB most certainly played for OT/not to lose.

    He ran the ball on 2nd and 3rd down even knowing that UNX had the time-outs remaining to get the ball back with at least 30 seconds left. They weren’t first down plays.

    If he was going for the win on the last drive, he would have kept airing it out. Glennon had what? 450 yards at that point? Sure there was a chance to have an interception like the Miami game, or more dropped passes but he packed it in after that sack and just hoped UNX wouldn’t move the ball when they got it back. That’s the definition of playing “not to lose”.

  5. Carl, after the sack, TOB most certainly played for OT/not to lose.

    Right, I know. He had to. It blew up the plan. The set of plays for second and short or whatever is way different than for third and long. The sack is what made him have to slow it down. Any coach would have done the same, that’s what you do in those situations.

    Again, it’s not the UNC loss that bothers me … given the ebbs and flows of that game, a big special teams play was inevitable, it just went their way.

    It’s the Miami and VA games that are the ugliest scars on this season because they emulate so many past instances of the Pack being in a position to take control and then barfing all over its shoes like a soloist in a third-grade musical.

  6. this is the most disorganized cHokie defense I’ve ever seen. Game 10 and they are still lining up wrong in the secondary….

  7. It wasn’t pretty but the Hokies slugged it out til the end. I thought they showed a lot of heart as did FSU– putting together drives at the end of the first half and the game. FSU is firmly in control of a trip to the conference championship game with only a trip to Maryland left. Tech still has a shot a bowl with games at BC and hosting UVA. They have lost 5 of the last 6 but all against solid teams. Kev, can they step it up for the last 2 games?

  8. So FSU is most likely going to be the best that the ACC has to offer for bowl season. I have just not been impressed with Florida State for the most part. To me, they couldn’t compete with the top SEC teams or Oregon or even K. State.

    Yes, they did make the plays at the end to win the game, converting the 4th down and the eventual td pass but I just wasnt that impressed.

  9. Nino, Agreed. FSU is probably the best team in the ACC (Clemson is the only team that is in their class) but not ready for the SEC powers yet (if ever).

  10. Finally back and online

    j2k: while hopeful, I never did believe we would win, so it wasn’t that painful of a loss. Losing to cincy at FedEx earlier this year was much more of a heartbreak for me.

    Durham: the defense played pretty well last night on the whole, but got diced up before the half and on that last drive, oh well.

    York: they don’t really need to step it up vs those two teams, since they’re pretty bad. I see no way they lose to BC, but if the UVA team that came to Raleigh shows up, that could be a heartbreaker.

    All in all, a lot of cynics think VT needed this year to force Beamer into making some staff and philosophy changes, but I don’t know. I guess I’m lazy and content with 10 win seasons and should be more demanding of a national title. I don’t believe it can happen for VT in the current system, but maybe in a few years when we get a playoff they can get in and get hot/lucky. I think they should focus on stopping sucking for right now.

  11. Texas A&M putting it on Alabama here in the first half. Gotta think K-State and Oregon are loving it.

    Other news, defense was banned from taking the field in Chapel Hill today. Wow!

  12. Ha, the Big 12 malcontent comes in and possibly throws the chance of an SEC national championship down the drain!

    I personally want to see a Oregon-Kansas State championship game. Give me some offense after that snoozer last year.

  13. Damn…how pissed off is FSU at themselves right now? How pissed off is the ACC at State right now…

  14. “GT 68, UNC 50.

    Don’t worry, Heel fans. Ol’ Roy will have that offense back in shape come March…..”

    Was that a real football game or a video game?????

  15. “I personally want to see a Oregon-Kansas State championship game. Give me some offense after that snoozer last year”

    Josh, I would like to see that too.

    Funny that the school Bear Bryant coached at before Alabama beat them last night.

    Defense would be nice at UNC.

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