ACC Coach of the Year, Coaching Carousel Update & the ACC sues Maryland

Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe is the 2012 ACC Coach of the Year. Cutcliffle led Duke to a 6-6 record and their first bowl appearance since 1994. He also received a recent contract extension through 2019.

Here is how the voting went…

David Cutcliffe, Duke (25)
Dabo Swinney, Clemson (7)
Jimbo Fisher, Florida State (5)
Larry Fedora, North Carolina (4)
Al Golden, Miami (4)
Tom O’Brien, NC State (1)

In coaching hiring and firing news. Florida State Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops has accepted the head coaching job at Kentucky. According to Kentucky Sports Radio

The ACC has filed a lawsuit against Maryland, requiring Maryland to pay the full ACC exit fee of $52 million




7 thoughts on “ACC Coach of the Year, Coaching Carousel Update & the ACC sues Maryland”

  1. Why do I have a feeling that the guy that left Gio off his list is the same one that voted for TOB… and that his name is Trolly McTrollstein (AKA durham).

  2. Great job Coach Cut! Of course, it will be said the guy didn’t really have any quality wins outside of UNC but this Duke team was killed by injuries before the year even started. I’m thinking they’ll be as good if not better next year considering they return a big chunk of thier team and get some guys back who missed this year. Also, I really liked what I saw out of Boone when he played for the injured Renfree. The ACC schedule has gotta be easier next year as well so I think Duke should be a bowl again, maybe even get 7 wins which will still be quite an accomplishment.

    Also, I had to laugh that TOB got a vote!

  3. surprised Golden didn’t get more votes.

    whoever voted for TOB should immediately lose his vote.

    (why would Mark Stoops want the Kentucky job? he couldn’t get it done in an easier conference…)

  4. Who would get the award for whatever the exact opposite of ACC COY would be this year?

    I’d go w/ Spaz, Beamer, or TOB, personally… probably Spaz.

  5. Beamer did the least with the most.

    TOB claimed this was his deepest/most experienced team, but not quite the same talent base as the cHokies.

    Spaz – expected to be bad, and was.

  6. Welcome Louisville to the ACC….

    an upgrade in both football and hoops from the Twerps…

    but a complete joke academically.

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