NC State vs. Duke


This guy was coaching at Duke the last time NC State won a game in Durham.

C.J. Leslie was 4 years old.

NC State (18-7, 7-3) comes in looking for their first win at Cameron since 1995.  Zero out of the last thirteen tries. First game in a stretch of three big games for the Wolfpack, as they try and lock down a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Duke (21-4, 8-2) is trying to keep pace with UNC and Florida State atop the ACC Standings.

What will happen? Rivalry game!?  Will the Cameron Crazies be in a frenzy, will they fill up the student section?

Tonight at 9pm


9 thoughts on “NC State vs. Duke”

  1. I’m cheering for State. I don’t think the Pack matches up as well with dook as a lot of State fans seem to think they do, but I’d like to see them beat those damn dirty devils.

  2. Wow, that’s gonna leave a mark. State looked so good for so much of the game and then all of a sudden, not big enough for the moment. Not a moral victory guy, but the Pack played a helluva 35 minutes of basketball.

  3. The picture of should be of Mike K. It was HIS program and HIS team. What a little rat faced Kwitter!

    Hand checking became legal in the 2nd half of tonight’s game, didn’t State fan know about this?

  4. About midway through the second half the shots started falling for dook, those rebounds that were bouncing right to NXSU players for most of the game started bouncing right to dook instead, and it was a wrap. State looked pretty damn good for about 33 minutes.

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