Monday Morning Fodder – January 23, 2012

It’s another Monday morning, so it looks like it’s time to recap the weekend.  Anything worth talking about happen?  Holy crap what a weekend.  NFL, Joe Paterno, ACC action…  it’s all after the jump.

We will start with the NFL, as we have the past few weeks.  First up was the AFC Championship Game, between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.  Unfortunately, much of this game was missed by yours truly, as family duties always come first for me.  This quote from Tom Brady sums up his day, however:

Well, I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us,

Joe Flacco, on the other hand, had a pretty good day, except for the ending.  Dude had 22 completions on 36 pass attempts, 306 yards and two touchdowns.  His lone INT did not matter, as Brady threw it right back to the Ravens.  Flacco had his team in position to send the game to overtime, but Billy Cundiff’s kick sailed wide left as the clock hit all zeros.

The night cap was terrific.  The San Francisco 49ers played host to the New York Giants in a rain soaked affair that saw both defenses play great, while both offenses did just enough to keep their teams in the game.  One might question the Giants’ decision to throw the ball 58 times in the rain, but when you consider that they ran the ball 26 times for a total of 85 yards it is understandable.  Besides, Eli Manning did complete 32 of those passes for 316 yards, two touchdowns and zero INTs.

A David Akers kick with 5:39 left on the clock in the 4th quarter tied the game at 17 points apiece, but both teams had a chance to win it in regulation and could not move the ball at all.  Then overtime came, and the Giants received the kickoff.  It was the same story in OT, as the Giants could not move the ball on their opening possession, and then the 49ers’ Kyle Williams fumbled for the second time on the day, and gave the ball to the Giants in field goal range.  A Lawrence Tynes kick later the game was over, and the Giants were moving on to face the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

With a week off of NFL action, we will wait to pick a winner in the Super Bowl until next week.

Other sad news that hit yesterday was the passing of former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno.  Reports first surfaced on Saturday, as CBS Sports mistakenly retweeted an erroneous tweet claiming he had passed.  On Sunday it came to fruition, and at the age of 84 Joe Paterno succumbed to lung cancer.

While it saddens me to see JoePa goe, at least now he will not have to continue to see his name dragged through the mud over the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  While he should not be given a pass on his actions, or lack of them in those regards, it does not strike me as the time to talk about Sandusky, but rather the time to talk about the good that JoePa did.  Unfortunately, not a lot of media members feel the same way, as your own WRALSportsFan tweeted that “Fired Penn State coach dead at 85″.  Of course, they could not get through a single sentence without the words “child sex abuse scandal”.  They were not alone in this, as even the NYTimes obituary mentioned it in the first paragraph.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that Paterno gets a pass on the Sandusky stuff, I am just saying that the man deserves a little bit more respect than he has gotten the past few days.

On to the ACC.  Georgia Tech showed a lot of heart coming back from a 15 point halftime deficit only to lose by two lousy points to Clemson.  Wake Forest traveled up to Chestnut Hill and laid the wood on Boston College, beating them by 15.

Maryland told the NCAA selection committee not to bother looking at them, as they lost to Temple at the Palestra in Philadelphia.  Not that Temple is not a good team.  They are a good team.  Just ask Duke.  Maryland can not lose games like this, and by 13 points at that, if they entertain post-season aspirations.  Unless those aspirations have three characters and not four.

Florida State walked into Cameron Indoor Stadium, and walked out with a buzzer beating win.  In what proved to be a very exciting game, FSU scored 50 second half points to overcome a six point half time deficit and beat the Blue Devils by three.  The big shot was hit by Michael Snaer, who also banked in a three at the end of the first half to beat the buzzer.  Austin Rivers scored to tie the game at 73 with 4.9 seconds to go, and the Seminoles in-bounded, pushed the ball up court, and then found Snaer wide open for the game winner.

Sunday saw two games, only one of which was I able to catch.  That, of course, was the NC State/Miami tilt down in Coral Gables.  In a game that really was not as close as the final score, and in a game that saw the Pack get outrebounded, DeShawn Painter came off the bench and poured in 18 points and pulled down seven boards.  Scott Wood also played well, as he scored 21 points on 5-9 shooting from the floor.  Four of Woods’ made baskets came from behind the arc, and he also went 7-7 from the free throw line to break JJ Redick’s all-time ACC consecutive free throw mark.  CJ Williams’ status was uncertain for this one, but the Senior guard got the start and looked healthy as he added 10 points for the Pack.

For the Hurricanes it was not Reggie Johnson leading the way, but rather Kenny Kadji.  Kadji garnered 20 points and 11 boards, to go with Johnson’s 12 points.  Miami tried to make a game of it, and made Pack fans uncomfortable in the final five minutes of the game, with Kadji slamming it home to pull within four points with 1:44 left on the clock.  Wood put the nail in the coffin on this one, with his two free throws setting the final margin.

The final game of the weekend was a rivalry tilt, with Virginia Tech traveling to Charlottesville to face UVA.  The 15th ranked Cavaliers only mustered 45 points in this one, which unfortunately for them was two less than Tech managed.  So the Hokies finally won their first ACC game, and are now tied with GA Tech at the bottom of the scrap heap at 1 – 4 in the league.

Who is in first place in the ACC, you ask?  We are sitting at a three way tie for first between Duke, Florida State, and (wait for it…) NC State.  North Carolina, who did not play this weekend, is sitting one win behind at 3 – 1 headed into this weeks showdown with the Wolfpack.

40 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fodder – January 23, 2012”

  1. F Eli and the Giants.

    Good win for the Pack but their inability to finish will hurt them against the league’s better teams.

  2. I’m by no means a fan of the Giants, but Eli sure is impressive. They’ve finally got some WRs that can stretch the field and he’s really opening it up.

    The hype leading up to the Super Bowl will be a snoozer (NY vs. Boston), but the game should be exciting, at least.

  3. I have to say I’m impressed with Eli’s play lately. I just hope that NY’s secondary can cover all of Brady’s weapons long enough for their D-line to sack the crap out of Brady.

    The hype leading up to this game is going to be…excrutiating.

  4. The hype will be painful to watch.
    How many times are we going to see David Tyree’s catch in the next two weeks?

    How bad must Lee Evans feel?

  5. I don’t care about this Super Bowl at all. I’ve seen it before, only with a better back story. Meh.

    If I was Billy Cundiff I would be looking over my should and peeking around corners making sure Ray Lewis isn’t about to pounce on my ass. That dude will be lucky to make it back to Baltimore alive.

  6. Evans drop looked like a good defensive play…from what I saw..Evans pulled it in but the DB got his hand just right. Evans doesn’t feel as bad as Williams for San Fran…that dude’s booted punt return sent the game into overtime to begin with…and then his fumble cost them the game in OT…

    Cundiff won’t be kicking for Baltimore next year.

  7. You guys sound like you have not heard Ray Lewis’ comments from last night. Say what you will about the Atlanta event, but you won’t find a better leader in the locker room than Lewis. He would be the guy standing in front of Cundiff defending him from the mob of angry peeps, not the guy trying to get at him.

  8. I prefer games to be won/lost by teams making plays, rather than guys DERPing… but that’s what we got yesterday, a couple of goats. Didn’t really take away from the games for me, but the fans in San Fran and B-more must still be feeling the gutpunch.

  9. @Mike, Ray will defend Cundiff from the angry mobs just so he can kill him himself.

    I am in no way talking bad about Ray, either. I love that dude. Did you see how crazy he looked on the sidelines after Brady got up and got in his face late in the first half? That guy is a psychopath in the best kind of way.

  10. “Not one play won or lost this game,” Ray Lewis said. “There’s no ‘Oh, Billy’s the fault. Billy missed the (kick).’ There’s no freaking ‘Billy missed the kick.’ It happened. Move on.”

    You think anyone in that locker room is gonna give Billy a hard time? I don’t.

  11. I think Ray Lewis is going to torture Billy Cundiff to a slow death over three or four days in an abandoned warehouse on the edge on town.

    I also think that regardless of the “coach speak” that came out of his mouth yesterday, Ray is pissed at Cundiff for missing that kick and delaying his retirement another year.

  12. It was a good defensive play, but he had the ball in his hands, trip to the Super Bowl. Ouch. I feel bad for Ed Reed.

    “I would be looking over my should and peeking around corners”
    Cundiff’s mind is playing tricks on him.

  13. That was after Brady hopped up and got in Ray’s face a few plays earlier. Ray saw his opportunity to teach a lesson and took it. You know Brady is feeling that one today.

  14. Ray Lewis is the scariest man on earth. Seriously. Hire him to negotiate with the Taliban, Iran and every other anti-American group.

    “If you set off one more bomb anywhere forever, I’m going to come back here and eat your heart. While it’s still in you. Clear? Oh, and give us your oil for free.”

    That’s all it would take.

  15. I look forward to Lewis in the announcer’s booth. I’ve heard him give commentary during an interview…he knows his stuff and communitcates it well….i.e. he can make it sound a heck of a lot more interesting than Joe Buck.

  16. ^^Kev or Pat? Dan? Me? Nino? HP? J2K?

    see what I did there?

    I love me some Ray Lewis, and not in a Todd loves me kind of way.

  17. Carl, is that your way of defending a thread jack?

    “This has to do with the weekend b/c UCONN lost to TN.”

    All fair game on MMF, my friend.

  18. ^I read that this weekend. Thought about posting it. good read

    I bet Todd does a really good Ray Lewis dance.

  19. Syracuse loses one game and falls to 3rd in one poll and 4th in the other? Sounds bunk to me.

    Even if the Wolp Fack is tied for 1st in the ACC standings they aren’t sniffing the top 25. I was expecting them to at least show up in the “other teams getting votes” area.

    Cam Newton will be in the Pro Bowl after all.

  20. Pat, I hear you there. I think the loss to GA Tech is keeping them from getting any love. Would a win on Thursday change that?

  21. Craig,

    Did you complain when John Wall had to pay back money he was given by his AAU coach? It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

    I mean, I get that it sucks for the kid, but the rules are the rules.

  22. I think the comments about PSU molestation case is fair game in opening of articles on Paterno. For all the years than everything seems rosy in Happy Valley, JoePa was aware of something icky going on w/ Sandusky and failed to do something to stop him.Not going to the police and banning Sandusky from PSU facilities is unconscionable. To me, any good he did was flushed immediately when we find out this shit was going on for over a decade and Paterno did nothing beyond telling the AD. It’s like the folks who say Hitler did a lot of good things… just ignore that whole war thing or murdering of all those Jews.

  23. Wow. Gorsk just called Paterno Hitler. That might be a little harsh.

    News up here is that protest groups are getting ready for the funeral.

  24. Dan,
    I think the whole point of the article Craig linked was that the NCAA is overstepping their boundaries (on some things). UConn, John Wall, whoever.
    Kid gets punished because his Mom wanted to go on the recruiting trip with her son.

  25. I think we’re losing sight of the day’s REAL news: Tiffany Amber Thiesen turned 38 today.

  26. “I bet Todd does a really good Ray Lewis dance.”

    That’s what I look like when I make love….just ask Mike.

  27. But that’s not why he was punished.

    He was punished because his AAU coach provided the ticket, and that’s against NCAA amateurism rules.

    It gets back to what the NCAA lawyer said during McAdoo’s hearing. Playing in NCAA-sanctioned events isn’t a right…players who wish to do so have to abide by the NCAA’s rules.

    If you don’t like the rule, that’s fine. But it was put in place because schools somewhere were (and probably still are) using AAU coaches to filter money to players.

  28. I didnt say I didnt like the rules.

    I think the schools should be allowed to pay for one parent or guardian to come with the recruit on a visit.
    Then parent doesnt have to go looking around for airfare, if they cant afford it.

  29. I agree with Nino 100%. Let the school pay to bring BOTH parents on official visits. Only makes sense to me.

    That said, you have to follow the current rules.

  30. If you think the schools should be allowed to pay for a (the) parent(s) to come along for the official visit, and they can’t, then you are saying you don’t like the rules.

  31. That part of the rule, not paying for a parent(s) on a vist, no I dont like.

    Rules definitely need to be in place, and some could be changed for the better.

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