Monday Morning Fodder – January 16th, 2012

Well that was one hell of a weekend, was it not?  Should we start with the NFL and then work to college basketball?  I think we shall.  Hit the jump for the weekend’s talking points.

The NFL kicked off the weekend with what may have been the most exciting end to a game in the history of ever.  The San Francisco 49ers defeated the New Orleans Saints by four points, after the most exciting five minutes of so of football that I can remember.  New Orleans went up 24 – 23 on a 44 yards TD pass to Darren Sproles with 4:02 on the clock.  Then Alex Smith ran it in from 28 yards out to make it 29 – 24 San Fran with 2:11 to go.  Then Drew Brees threw a 66 yarder to Jimmy Graham for a 32 – 29 Saints lead with 1:37 left in the game.  Then Smith called on the 49ers great QBs of old and marched down the field, leading to a 14 yard TD pass to Vernon Davis to win the game for San Fran.  Wow.

Speaking of Alex Smith, how overshadowed is his story this season?  I wonder why a guy that is a former #1 pick, playing for his 200th offensive coordinator in seven seasons, gets zero time in the media spotlight?  I wonder where all the attention has been.

Moving on to the nightcap from Saturday, we had a treat watching the Denver Broncos get absolutely destroyed by the New England Patriots.  Tom Brady threw for six touchdowns as he lead the Patriots to a 45 – 10 win over Tim Tebow’s Broncos.  Speaking of Tebow, the national hero completed only nine of his 26 pass attempts for 136 yards and zero TDs.  Yes, Brady had only three less TDs than Tebow had completions.  This will hopefully put “Tebow Mania” on the back burner for at least a few months, which quite frankly there should not have been much attention his way to begin with.

The next game on the schedule was Houston at Baltimore.  TJ Yates looked like, well, TJ Yates as he completed 17 of his 35 passes, not including the three that he threw to Ravens players.  Those picks would be the difference in the game, as Joe Flacco was no better than Yates, but he kept the ball in his own team’s hands.

The second game yesterday involved the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers.  As predicted here last Monday (yeah, I went 2 – 2 on my picks) Eli Manning lead his team to victory by a 37 – 20 margin.  The Giants are looking very, very good right now.

This weekend expect the Patriots to take down the Ravens, and the Giants to go into San Francisco and beat the 49ers, setting up a rematch of the 2007 Super Bowl that saw the Giants beat a then 19 – 0 Patriots squad.

Turning to the world of ACC basketball, the first game up was NC State traveling down to Winston-Salem to take on Wake Forest.  Coming off a bad loss to Georgia Tech after which Mark Gottfried called out his team’s defensive play, and CJ Williams in particular, the Wolfpack poured it on to the tune of a 36 point beat down.  With Calvin Leslie coming off the bench for disciplinary reasons, the Pack saw big games from all of its starters.  Simply put, nothing went wrong for the Pack as they turned the ball over only nine times and stole the ball 11 times themselves.

Meanwhile, down in Tallahassee, Florida State was busy treating the Tar Heels like the Pack treated the Demon Deacons.  In a game that saw Roy Williams pull his team and staff off the floor with 14 seconds to go, leaving only the five guys on the floor and a few assistant coaches to deal with the Seminole fans storming the court after the final buzzer rang.   In the end, it was a 33 point loss for the Tar Heels, as FSU won 90 – 57.

Another weekend, another bad loss for the Hokies of Virginia Tech, this time up in Chestnut Hill as Boston College put the official fork in the VA Tech season.  Duke took down Clemson and Maryland held off Georgia Tech.

54 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fodder – January 16th, 2012”

  1. Overall, a pretty crappy weekend, except the Pack did take care of business. I have no idea what the hell happened to Carolina except some foreigner went off on us like Kobe Bryant. Looked like the Heels couldn’t have cared less about this game when it started.

  2. when the confetti fell at the end of the Packers’ Super Bowl win last February, you could have made a KILLING in Vegas betting the following:

    None of these teams would win a single playoff game this season – Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles, Jets, Falcons, Steelers, Bears, Packers…

    not a single playoff win among them.

  3. TJ Yates was robbed….if the Ravens had any talent, he would have had at least 6 INTs.

    That’s what happens when you bring Jake Delhomme in as a veteran backup to mentor your young starter.

  4. “This will hopefully put “Tebow Mania” on the back burner for at least a few months, which quite frankly there should not have been much attention his way to begin with.”

    Come on Mike, you dont believe that. Tebow is the most popular sports figure in the world right now. With all the bad that we see in sport (scandals, molestations, DUIs, murder, bad sportsmanship, etc) it’s refreshing to have a guy come along and actually be a role model for young people. He really is an inspiration.

    And on the actual football side, he’s controversial b/c he not your typical NFL quarterback. He’s a good football player who happens to be a qb. He was a 3rd stringer and took his team to the playoffs. He already has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo. After 15 games, he has had 15 starts. He already has a better record than Aaron Rodgers had after 15 starts, than Drew Brees, after 15 starts. Tac on his Christianity and its sporting news gold. People like it and they want to see him do well. People are paying attention to Tim Tebow, just look at the tv ratings. ESPN and the like are just giving what the people want.

  5. That’s right, Big J, Tebow is THE ONLY professional athlete that is a good role model.

    Give me a f*cking break. There are dozens upon dozens of pro athletes that are great role models AND that are actually very good at the positions they play. Tebow-mania is a thing because ESPN made it one when he was at Florida. Get out of here with that nonsense.

  6. “After 15 games, he has had 15 starts. He already has a better record than Aaron Rodgers had after 15 starts, than Drew Brees, after 15 starts.”

    That has to be one of the dumbest sports arguments ever. So he had a better record after 15 starts,it means NOTHING. You think he is better than Brees or Rodgers, even Romo?? puh-lease.

    I dont hate Tebow, he is a good guy and I dont get the bashing, but he is a below average QB. Put Cam Newton in Denver and Tebow on the Panthers and see the difference. Cam had zero defense all year.

  7. K takes his team of the court before losing to FSU, nothing. Roy does it, he is douche. Ok.

    No big deal to me, people making way to big an issue out of that. The real issue is that they got their ass handed to them by a team that lost to Clemson by 20.

  8. When did koach k do it? Personally, I don’t like it at all. It’s a bad look. Roy, at the very least, should have stayed out there with the scrubs. I’m over it already (still pissed about the outcome of the game though), but I can see that it will be a story for at least a few more days. Mostly because State fans would rather talk about that than their win over WF. Because they care more about UNX losing than they do about NXSU winning.

  9. It was a few years ago 2009 maybe. There was some controversy near the end of the game (a technical foul maybe) and K had hsis players go over to FSU’s bench, shake hands and leave the court with about 14 seconds left in the game, the FSU students were also about to rush the court.

    You make a good point, Roy should have stayed out there at least.I dont care either way. Just how is one a douche for the same exact thing is funny.

  10. J, the reasons for Tebow not warranting the attention he gets are all found in his stat line. Dude had 12 TDs to go against 6 INTs. Oh, he did average 116 yards per game in the air, so there is that.

    Rushing the ball, you say? 6 more TDs came on the ground to go with his 44 yards per game. Also, he also fumbled it 14 times. 14!!! He did manage to recover three of those, mind you. So yes, let’s all hit our knees and perform oral servitude for Tebow.

    So in total, Tebow averaged 160 yards per game, 1.2 TDs, 1.13 TOs and 8.4 completions. Stop it with the Tebow nonsense already.

    Another things is the fake sob story about how he was never supposed to make it as a QB in high school, then college, and now the NFL. Stop it with that. It is insincere and insulting to my intelligence. Dude was not only supposed to make it, but supposed to flourish. Stop it.

    More reasons for Tebow “hating” can be found here:

    Also, whenever it is decided that people have to like someone or there is something wrong with them, then you can go ahead and mark down that at least 30% of the people hate that person.

  11. “So in total, Tebow averaged 160 yards per game, 1.2 TDs, 1.13 TOs and 8.4 completions. Stop it with the Tebow nonsense already.”

    THANK YOU. If it wasn’t Tebow people would be talking how the Bronco’s were finding ways to win despite limited contribution from their QB. They’d be talking about Willis McGahee playing like he was in the prime of his career again, the defense elevating their performance, the kicker hitting improbably field goals and the coach gambling on unconventional game plans. Instead all we hear about is Tebow leading his team to victory. Ok. Well why didn’t people say the same thing about Rex Grossman in 2006?

  12. “Well why didn’t people say the same thing about Rex Grossman in 2006?”

    Damn, that is a very painful but dead nuts accurate comparison. Grossman had much better stats than Tebow in his good games, though.

  13. I will say there has been over coverage of Tebow. That’s an under statement but great stats isn’t the only thing that warrants attention when it comes to sports. Tim Tebow has an interesting, entertaining and good story IMO. I feel he is good for the game, he was the ultimate underdog and I enjoyed pulling for him helping Denver on their run.

  14. How was he the ultimate underdog? He was the #1 rated QB in his class since he was in the 9th grade. How does that equate into an underdog? He was heralded as a top pick before he ever played a down at Florida. How does that equate into an underdog? Why is he some great story? Tom Brady is a much better story than Tebow ever thought about being. 6th round afterthought turned into one of the best ever.

    Or Tony Romo even. Undrafted player into, um, yeah. Still…

    Oh, and Orel Hershiser invented “Tebowing” way back in the 80’s, FWIW.

  15. He was the ultimate underdog b/c many doubted his abilities to be a NFL Quarterback. Being great in high school or college doesn’t translate to being great in the NFL. He came on as the 3rd string guy. They won games in stunning fashions; winning with great defense while using college-like running game built around the option. Denver made the playoffs and beat the Steelers, the #1 defense in the NFL. Couple all that with his off the field humanitarian efforts and open declarations of faith and its a great story.

  16. Now here is the ironic part: I do think Tim Tebow is a genuinely good person and a great role model. So, why couldn’t ESPN do what (presumably) Tim Tebow would do and keep it honest and keep it real and just praise the guy for being what he is (a genuinely good person and a great role model) instead of trying to force the narrative that he’s something that he’s not (one of the best QBs in the League or the greatest winner the League has ever seen or superhuman or whatever)?

    In other words make it a great story without trying to change the story.

  17. I have no beef with Tebow, but if we are going to start ramming mediocre players down our throats, then I guess I have a problem with the media and system.

    Interesting question, how would you feel about Tebow if he was a Hindu and did some sort of Hindu tribute after each TD (which isn’t really all that often)?

  18. SPP, not to be pedantic, but don’t you mean that “Grossman had much better stats than Tebow in his good game, though”?

  19. If the WWL was “SPN” and not “ESPN”, I don’t think Tebow would be that big of a deal… but he certainly does bring a lot of entertainment to the table, positive & negative, so the attention he gets really shouldn’t be incomprehensible.

    I have a problem with the folks that can’t seem to separate Tim Tebow the QB from Tim Tebow the persona. I can’t get enough of the guy personally, but I recognize he’s no where near where he should be as a QB. I don’t let it keep me from rooting for him though.

  20. “I have a problem with the folks that can’t seem to separate Tim Tebow the QB from Tim Tebow the persona.”

    Here is the thing; we don’t have to separate them no more than we have to separate any other athlete’s “persona” on and off the field. What people do on/off the field is none of my business, as long as they are not hurting others. I could not care less what religion someone is, who they date, etc.

    Tiger banging a bunch of chicks does not make me root any less for him, or think him less of a golfer.

    The Tebow pushers, and that is really what they are, try to make you feel like there is something wrong with you if you don’t like Tebow. You must have an issue. Yeah, I do. I have an issue that does not let me enjoy crappy play on the field. If I want that, I’ll watch ACC football.

  21. Good person, bad QB, what’s wrong with saying that? People making more or less of it just like hearing their own voice.

  22. @GSP, seven games with a QB rating above 100 in 2006. He was good more than he was bad that year. And THAT year only.

    “Good person, bad QB, what’s wrong with saying that? People making more or less of it just like hearing their own voice.”

    How many times have you posted a reply to something about Tebow?

  23. ^This. And I could go the rest of my life without hearing the name Tebow and be just fine. Of course, I could also go without hearing Manning or Brady or a bunch of other names too.

  24. How many times have you posted a reply to something about Tebow?


    I don’t know. Is this a trick? You’re like Bomani Jones with the rhetorical questions.

  25. I do, but no more than you, and not because I talk about Tebow all the time, because I don’t. I believe I stated my position about him just above and haven’t gone above or beyond to reinforce that.

    A rhetorical question is one that you don’t expect to be answered. If you expected a legitimate answer to the question you asked, well you’re more of a …. well, you know what I’m going to say.

  26. Thanks for the vocab lesson, Captain Asshole. It’s 5:15, aren’t supposed to be polishing Beamer’s knob right about now?

  27. I like how you basically call Dan a dumbass because you don’t value what he says, but I’m an asshole because I’m smarter than you. That’s a nice subtle sign of respect.

  28. Something else is driving a lot of this and it has nothing to do with Tebow. I spend a lot of time in media relations and have read some studies about how news is delivered today.

    At one time, the general public had three or so televised resources and its local paper to rely on for telling us what was newsworthy. They made the decisions and told us what was what wether we liked it or not.

    Today, news is treated as a product … the countless news sources, in order to compete, “feed” us bits of content to gauge the public’s reaction. Very much like a product and a research group. When a story hits, they continue to feed us until, eventually, we can’t stomach it anymore. Tebow is quite nourishing, it seems. And to really over-use this analogy, he makes me want to puke.

    Anyway, once a “product” hits, they continue to market it and find all kinds of ways to attach it to new things. So essentially, news works in the opposite fashion it used to. It’s now a product, instead of an objective thing that helped us make daily decisions, create political leanings and form allegiances. They determine the viability of a story, test it, then decide how to deliver it. Problem is, too many times the media comes across as bias not really because they believe one person/story/issue more than another, but because it’s what sells and if it goes away, they need to create something new. That’s why news stations have now formed their allegiances to one party or another: it locks a certain demographic. Instead of competing for everyone, they lock-in a specific audience and sell accordingly.

    The power the media has today is incredible. It wags the dog, to be sure.

    Oh, and Teblows. Pat is right, there are so many other great role models out there, as well. And crap, if Tebow is just using football as a platform, then quit and go back to building houses for destitute third-world kids on some mission or something.

  29. Yep Kev, I bow to your genius. You are so much smarter than me that I am actually intimidated every time I see your avatar. No, you’re an asshole because you affect an air of superiority every single time you post here. you’re an asshole because you assume that everything you say is completely and infallibly correct, always. Even when you are faced with evidence of your incorrectness you refuse to back off of your position. In other words, you’re and asshole because you act like an asshole.

    Thanks for reinforcing your asshole-ishness, though. I almost forgot what a dick I think you are most of the time.

  30. Yep, and smallandpettypat is the real me.

    BTW, I have admitted I’m wrong many, many times here. You, not once. Ever.

  31. The best story this weekend was the Hall of Fame, arguably best QB ever 6th round pick against the not-really-a-QB 1st round pick QB.

    I couldn’t believe there were actual Brady vs. Tebow discussions going on. The only way you’d rather have Tebow is if your QB is also going to have to play LB or special teams.

    And the last thing Brady Quinn is going to do is ask someone to void his contract.

  32. Oh….and if I remember correctly (heard the story somewhere today), when K pulled his team off the court there were ~2 seconds left and FSU fans had already stormed the court once.

    The refs cleared the court, and Duke left instead of getting caught twice.

    Not exactly the same situation. Plus, K took all of his players.

    Of course, (wink-wink) Roy didn’t know that Blue Steel was left out there. He meant (nudge-nudge) for everyone to leave when he left.

    Is there any coach at UNC that knows anything about their program? Every time anything happens that causes a stir, a coach pops up with something he didn’t know.

  33. Ok pat, here’s where I break it down for you because you’re being thick… Only to have you accuse me of belittling you, but oh well.

    The reason I never admit I’m wrong on here is because I’m not. There is nothing immediate about the Internet, but it is permanent. So when I’m unsure about a fact or piece of info I go to Google or somewhere like that and verify the data before I post it. That way I know I’m not full of BS and posting something inaccurate.

    Now when it comes to opinions, I can paraphrase from the book of Pat which goes something like, “It’s my opinion so it can’t be wrong, it’s what I think.”

    So when you say I never admit I’m wrong you’re pretty much saying that I’m not lazy. I knew that already, but thanks, I guess.

  34. Brady Quinn is a crappy QB too. Doubt he will find much work elsewhere in the nfl.
    You’re right Dan, Roy knows nothing about his program. Only Statefan still cares about this.

  35. Deadspin’s stories stay on the front page for a while. If it was Gott you would be waxing poetic about how he is protecting his players. Of course nobody storms the court after beating State.

  36. Roy made a mistake, simple as that. I do think he thought it was in the best interest of his team but the safety issue is really kind of a stretch. What was he afraid of? A shanking?

    It “looks” like a petulant child taking his ball and going home. He needs to not do it again. Stay to the end, you lost, accept it.

    Apparently, he just wanted to quit early.

  37. “I couldn’t believe there were actual Brady vs. Tebow discussions going on. The only way you’d rather have Tebow is if your QB is also going to have to play LB or special teams.”


    @Kev, I’m being thick, you’re being an asshole, whatever. Thanks for being infallible. We could all learn an invaluable lesson from you. Now, kill yourself.

    @Carl, I agree that it looks terrible. It was a very bad decision, IMO. What he was afraid of was another Las Vegas incident, where some chick loosely associated with the team got shoved to the ground or some such thing like that. However, in Tallahassee it is entirely possible that he was concerned about a shanking.

  38. Sometimes it really bothers me when I can’t get through to a simpleton, but then I remember they don’t matter anyway.

  39. The Roy Williams thing isn’t that big of a deal. He just always manages to get a discussion going if he really is an asshole/douchebag EVERY year…and from people who aren’t just Statefan/Dukefan. Coincidence?

  40. It can’t be your fault, though, Kev. You’re infallible.

    Have you ever stopped to consider that you are coming through just fine, it’s you who aren’t getting it? No, of course not. That’s just silly for me to even bring up. Like you said, you’re never wrong.

  41. I usually opine then move on. I don’t have to have the last word (aka keeping the piss stream going) like some people here. Most arguments here turn into to arguments about what they’re arguing about and thats when I stop reading TSB.

  42. I won’t ignore that I’m complicit in such contests, but there is a common participant in all of them and he is not me.

  43. New rule: no more pissing contests unless they are officially sanctioned by Champs.

    That is all.

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