Mickey D’s Top 35 All Time

Apparently this year is the 35th anniversary of the McDonald’s All-American game.  Who knew?  In honor of that Milestone McD’s has released their list of the 35 greatest players to play in their high school All-Star game since it’s inception. Hit the jump for the list

Earvin “Magic” Johnson (1977)
Clark Kellogg (1979)
Ralph Sampson (1979)
Isiah Thomas (1979)
Dominique Wilkins (1979)
James Worthy (1979)
Sam Perkins (1980)
Glenn “Doc” Rivers (1980)
Patrick Ewing (1981)
Michael Jordan (1981)
Chris Mullin (1981)
Kenny Smith (1983)
Danny Manning (1984)
Larry Johnson (1987)
Christian Laettner (1988)
Alonzo Mourning (1988)
Bobby Hurley (1989)
Shaquille O’Neal (1989)
Grant Hill (1990)
Glenn Robinson (1991)
Jason Kidd (1992)
Jerry Stackhouse (1993)
Vince Carter (1995)
Kevin Garnett (1995)
Paul Pierce (1995)
Kobe Bryant (1996)
Jay Williams (1999)
Carmelo Anthony (2002)
Amare Stoudemire (2002)
LeBron James (2003)
Chris Paul (2003)
Dwight Howard (2004)
Tyler Hansbrough (2005)
Kevin Durant (2006)
Derrick Rose (2007)

Look at the players from the ’79 game. How great would that have been to watch? An interesting, if meaningless, list.

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20 thoughts on “Mickey D’s Top 35 All Time”

  1. When I first saw the headline, I thought this was some sort of hamburger quiz. Or whats your favorite McD burger.

  2. It’s also interesting to see how after you get past 1993 you start seeing a lot of guys who went directly to the NBA.

  3. ^^^As a UNC fan I would like to nominate both of the Where(?) Twins as well as Larry Drew II for that list. Funny thing is I bet a lot of UCLA fans would nominate them too.

  4. yes, Pat, BUT how were the choices weighted? Was it 15% High School, 19% College, 16% The All Star Game, 32% Pro and 18% Post Career? Come on Pat, give d some frikkin’ info man.


  5. Pat, It’s pretty obvious. There are 0 Redskins on the above list. Everyone knows his favorite team is the Redskins, I mean, it’s common knowledge.

    Also, I’m pretty sure all of them played on the basketball level.

    Do they necessarily have to have a weighing system? My guess is they don’t, they just looked at a group of players and voted. Hansbrough dominated the college game, he was a national player of the year, that alone probably got him on the list. The group of voters must have thought he, along with the rest of this group was better than the 36th guy based on what they thought. They probably didn’t need to assign random percentages to each category.

  6. I don’t think VaTech fans have a whole lot of room to talk, what with such intellectual luminaries like Marcus Vick and DeAngelo Hall (among many, many others) as alumni of their prestigious football program.

  7. all lists are stupid.

    but i think we had a historic moment there.. a Tar Heel fan trying to deflect a basketball debate by interjecting…. football?

  8. ^I’m none of those things, Carl. Angry included. I’m not angry with little d or his nonsense; I just think it would be best for everyone involved if he were to cease to be around.

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