What BC Really Brings to the ACC… Savings?!

Ever since Boston College was invited to join the ACC in 2005 to round out the recently expanded conference and allow for the possibility of that lucrative Football Championship game, most of the old guard ACC fan base wondered what they brought to the table. Well, now we have the long lost answer…. EPIC SAVINGS in the form of a Groupon for home football games. Feast your eyes below:

The part of this story that’s even more hilarious than the fact that BC is offering tickets as a Groupon special is the description of the offer on Groupon’s site:

Like cliff diving or ferret ownership, football is an endeavor best watched from the sidelines. Witness acts of bodily bravery with today’s GrouponLive deal to a Boston College Eagles home football game atAlumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill. Choose from the following options:

For the game against Northwestern on Saturday, September 3, at 12 p.m., choose from the following ticket options:

For $10, you get one end-zone ticket (up to a $25 value).
For $36, you get four end-zone tickets (up to a $100 value).

For the game against Duke on September 17, at 12:30 p.m., choose from the following ticket options:

For $10, you get one end-zone ticket (up to a $25 value).
For $36, you get four end-zone tickets (up to a $100 value).

The team that birthed the golden arms of Doug Flutie and Matt Ryan returns to the gridiron for another season of making legends and chasing the BCS bowl. Populated with brawny engineering majors, the nation’s best run defense plans to erect the same frontline ramparts that made the unit such a success in its 2010 campaign. Quarterback Chase Rettig refuses to let them do all the heavy lifting as the second-year sharpshooter sinks his talons into the ball and scans the field with eagle-eyed acumen. Rettig will have plenty of help on his side of the field, as senior running backMontel Harris returns to break the Atlantic Coast Conference records for all-time rushing yards and whimpers elicited from opposing safeties.

The 44,500-seat Alumni Stadium allows Boston College to reap the benefits of its illustrious history, as the ghosts of former squads invisibly join end-zone crowds to cheer on their torchbearers. Fans clad in maroon and gold can take in scenic views of the Boston skyline between downs or revel at the immediate beauty of the stadium’s brick-and-glass façade.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want watching my favorite college football team being analogous to “ferret ownership”.

Carry on…..

14 thoughts on “What BC Really Brings to the ACC… Savings?!”

  1. Unfortunately, I saw State tickets on Groupon yesterday. Didn’t read past the title, but it’s still embarrassing.

  2. Do you think the tickets being on groupon means that they aren’t being sold? Or just not being sold fast enough? Maybe an advertising move? I can’t imaging coming off a 9 win season that this would be the year State was in desperate need to sell gameday tickets. I’m thinking we aren’t, but I really don’t know.

  3. I honestly have no idea. I assume since they are on groupon that there are tickets to sell, but like you I can’t imagine why there would be.

  4. I don’t have the NCSU Groupon handy, but it wasn’t nearly as pathetically hilarious as this one from BC was.

    Not to mention, State was 2nd in the ACC in % capacity for attendance last year, so considering no school besides VT was at %100 it seems like it could be a sound financial decision for any other ACC school to have a Groupon… although on the surface it does seem a bit embarrassing.

  5. Based on advertising I’ve seen for football in recent years there, I wonder what dook’s Groupon will look like…

  6. Can’t say I know why your comments were in the moderation queue, kgbunc… maybe you’re a new account or something? Either way, don’t see you here often so welcome to Thee Blog if you are, in fact, new.

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