On a very sad note

It has been revealed today that Pat Summitt has early onset dementia.  Summitt says that there will “be no pity party” and that she fully intends to coach this year.  She said that she felt like she had been acting erratic and decided to go to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota for some tests in May.  Hopefully coach Summitt can keep this condition under control and continues to have a long and happy life.

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7 thoughts on “On a very sad note”

  1. This. Sucks.

    You will not find a classier person in coaching than Pat Summitt. I’m glad that she will be able to continue to coach, and wish her all the best.

    Pat Summitt. The only coach in women’s basketball (that I know of) that could coach the men’s game.

  2. I just remember sitting through a Biz class and we were reading “Good to Great” I think it was…which had a chapter on Pat Summitt and her leadership skills and listening to some hippie type feminist complaining that the book didn’t include female leaders… I mean how sexist was that comment?

    But, I digress. I have a friend whose mother had early-onset dementia/alzheimers and it was heartbreaking to watch from afar. I can’t and don’t want to be able to imagine what it is like with a close loved one. I wish her and her loved ones the very best.

  3. Too bad; one of the best coaches in the game today, all around. It’s great that her contributions are recognized now.

    Todd, that doesn’t surprise me. Probably of the same ilk that believe Sarah Palin is horrible for feminism even though she raised a solid family and rose to the ranks of governor while never letting herself just fall back on man’s image of what an attractive woman should do. I

    Political views notwithstanding.

    Of course, examples like that are exactly why the feminist movement today has no impact on anything. It allowed itself to be hijacked by liberalism and loud-mouthed phonies.

    Sorry, I hope Thee Blog is enough of a closed loop that our political comments can be perpetuated sans Internets implosion. I hope …

  4. how the heck can you recruit to the program when your coach admits they have Alzheimer’s, and is clearly the reaching ‘lame-duck’ phase of her tenure there?

  5. It’s still Tennessee.

    Plus, there is probably no way that Tennessee could hire another coach right now. Summitt is basically her own interim coach to (hopefully) get through this season.

    It may not even be just a one-year thing. When you’ve coached as long as she has and you’ve done as well as she has, you can coach as long as you’re able…..as long as you don’t have Jimbo Fisher as your “head coach in waiting”.

  6. Jimbo Fisher worked out for the Noles, as opposed to James Franklin at Maryland.

    (or Holgersen at WVU)

  7. Oh I didn’t mean it as a commentary on conservative versus liberal politics…just…well this thread isn’t the place for it I suppose.

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