Turgeon leaves College Station for College Park


I got that "coach pointing move" thing down too

“He was always one of the top people on our list” – Maryland AD  Kevin Anderson

mmmhmmm, ok *cough*Gottfried*cough*.

Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon has accepted Maryland’s offer to become their new head basketball coach.  He replaces Gary Williams who retired last week.  Turgeon has been at A&M for the last for seasons, making the NCAA Tournament each year.  He also was the head coach at Wichita State and Jacksonville State.

The hire has already been called uninspired by some, and praised by others.

Turgeon, who is 46,  has some UNC ties.  He was recruited by Larry Brown at Kansas, played point guard for four years, and then became an assistant coach at KU.  He was an assistant under Brown and Roy Williams when Roy took over the program.

Larry Brown said that Turgeon, who was one of his first recruits, “is right up there” with some of his other former assistants, including John Calipari, Bill Self and Gregg Popovich, in terms of his basketball IQ.

So Maryland’s coaching search ends after being turned down by names like Sean Miller, Brey, Jamie Dixon, Brad Stevens, and others.  Not sure if Debbie Yow contacted any of those coaches about the Maryland job (I kid, I kid).

When Turgeon was at Jacksonville State, one of their league opponents was Georgia State, their head coach during that time was Lefty Driesell.

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  1. I don’t get how this is bad hire, the whole arc of a coaching search is so played out… it’s like, if the first guy you are rumored to be interested in doesn’t get the job then it’s “ZOMG such a FAIL”. Give me a break.

    This guy’s better than Gottfried at any rate. *riles up State fans*

    But seriously, I’m just happy because all you have to do is add an S to his name and you’ve got a fish.

  2. I dont think he is a bad hire at all.

    I mean, c’mon, he learned from two disciples of Dean, how can it be a bad hire.

    Just dont say he was at/near the top of your list when you went through your list first, and then decided to call (S)Turgeon.

  3. Awful hire. Have any of you watched Texas A&M play? When the UMD play UVa the game may get to sixty total points with every possession running 32 seconds on the 35 second shot clock. UMD needed to hire a guy to fix Gary’s recruiting mess in the in the Philly-DC corridor. The style that Turgeon coaches is not going to break the Big east death grip on the area talent.

  4. ftlt is right on. Congratulations Maryland, you just hired Herb Sendek II with a personality upgrade.

  5. I just looked it up. A&M was a whopping 182nd in scoring offense last year. Hell, even State was better at 115th. Yes sir, that should be a real recruiting magnet.

    They were 19th in scoring defense however. Very Sendekian.

  6. Excellent write up, Nino.

    Turgeon is indeed Sendek squared. He will not improve recruiting, and will recruit to fit his system. We all know that will only get you so far. We will see how Terp fan (and Adam Gold) likes moderate success. Reminds me of a quote from Office Space, but a bit distorted.

    I’m guessing in about eight years one fan base will be a bit frazzled. Once you start falling asleep on the couch watching your squad play because they are about as boring as watching Fox’ karaoke show, you will know what I’m talking about.

    I will refrain from comparing him to Gott, because this is about Maryland.

    All in all it is a safe hire that will bring some form of success to the beltway. He will not win an ACC title in any form, however, and will not open the AAU dearth of talent at his doorstep. As mentioned by FTLT the Big East just breathed a sigh of relief.

  7. I should add that Turgeon was not offered the State job, but did interview for it. Rumor is that Yow turned sour on him when he kept praising the blues like they were Zeus and Thor.

  8. First time, who available now would have been a better hire?

    I noticed you came out strong on Gottfried and now on Turgeon. What are the options?

    I tend to believe that some coaches excel in different situations. Roy was highly successful at Kansas for years but if still there, would he have a natty? Not sure.

    If you gauged Bob Knight’s record at Texas Tech it wouldn’t put him into any history books.

    Who is to say if Calhoun left Northeastern for Illinois or some where similar that he would have had the same level of success?

    Not every coach can be compared to the great ones. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad hires or terrible coaches.

    Are we all assuming that only Miller, Smart, Stevens, Barnes, etc. are the only good hires out there?

    I just think you have take into account each situation differently. Turgeon could turn out to be a very good hire.

  9. The wildcard is what Turgeon will be able to do now that he has left the barren basketball landscape of Bryan Texas and is now going to be located in arguably the richest recruiting territory in America.

    Did Turgeon not get good recruits to come to College Station because he was a bad recruiter or because he was in College Station? We’ll find out.

  10. “he learned from two disciples of Dean, how can it be a bad hire.”

    ask Matt Doherty or Buzz Peterson?

  11. Raj, keep in mind his system. How many of those players want to hold the ball for 30 seconds each time down the floor? I do not think he will be a splash there recruiting wise, but he will get his guys and have decent success. Will it be good enough for the Terps?

  12. dur-ham.

    The “disciples of dean” quote was dripping with sarcasm.
    OK, he was BORN in Kansas too. He will be a legend.

    He will have to compete with Georgetown in his own state/area. It wont be that easy, and his system, as mentioned above.

    Still think its a good hire.

  13. I dunno, you might be able to critique his system at aTm, but who’s to say he’ll implement the exact same thing at Maryland? From what I heard, he does have AAU connections so I’m not sure why he won’t be getting any of those guys. Perhaps he gets better players and opens it up a bit on the floor?

    Sturgeon, lol.

  14. ^^I guess what I’m wondering is did he play that style of basketball because he really wanted to or because he had to given the quality of players he had.

    It just seems strange that a guy who played for Larry Brown and was an assistant to both Brown and Roy Williams would be naturally inclined to play that slow paced style of basketball.

    (Of course that becomes a moot point if he just turns out to be a lousy recruiter and can’t get better players at Maryland then he did at A&M.)

  15. If you go back and take a look, you will find this has been his coaching style his entire career. I think coaches have a preferred style, and that is what they go with. I doubt it’s because he couldn’t get the players.

    There is no doubt in my mind he will be moderately successful. His teams do play great defense, so that will keep them in most games. Hey, we saw it up close and personal for 10 straight years.

    Enjoy it Maryland.

  16. Raj, keep in mind that Sendek was a Pitino disciple. Do you think that he would ever, and the Great One means EVER run the Princeton offense?

    Just sayin’.

  17. Damn, Raj. That is not good at all. I wonder what the Big East and SEC numbers look like.

    Of course, I’d also like to see the turnover numbers and scoring numbers as well. More possessions does not necessarily equate to more offensive production. Of course, less possessions can lead to drowsiness.

    I’m headed to Vienna in the morning. You kids hold it down while I’m gone.

  18. ^But here’s the catch. Butlers possessions per game the last two years would fit right in with the rest of those numbers:

    2010 – 2011 = 65.3 (2nd lowest in their conference)
    2009 – 2010 = 64.3 (2nd lowest in their conference)

    What did they do? They took that ugly, awful style of basketball to the Championship game two years in a row. So, now there is a model for how to succeed without four and five star talent on your roster. And the model is ugly… but its also successful, so it will be copied. A lot. Yuck.

  19. “I’m headed to Vienna in the morning. You kids hold it down while I’m gone.”

    Bring us back some sausages!

    …Wait that sounded ghey…but …but I love sausages!

    …wait…I mean…um…

  20. Why don’t we have an NBA Playoffs post? The changing of the guard is complete, and the field is wide open. I think Miami is going to make everybody’s nightmare come true.

  21. Why don’t we has MLS or WNBA posts?

    Therein lies your answer for why we don’t have NBA posts.

  22. How about why UNC is STILL stonewalling the info from N&O, WRAL and others about the tutor/academics football mess. This should have gotten Davis and Baddour hung… you got fucking caught, admit it, show what happened and get on with it. I’m pretty disgusted with my alma mater’s athletic department about now.

  23. ^I’m pretty disgusted with the Chancellor too. No reason why Baddour and Davis should still be there. A real Chancellor would have said screw this, protecting you two clowns isn’t in the Universities charter, you’re both gone.

  24. We don’t have an NBA post because I’vce dropped the ball on it, not because there are still two people with their heads in their asses re: the Association. Don’t talk to me about thugs (see the myriad of NFL players arrested or sued in the last 12 months) or boring games with no team play and no defense (see the multiple overtime games and the Grizz and Thunder team play). If you don’t like it, don’t read about it, Kev. durham, kill yourself.

    Fire BGDD and Dickie.

  25. The NBA is a ‘let me know who won’ league. no reason to watch a single minute of it. ESPN or tomorrow’s newspaper will have the final scores.

    I’d watch football over basketball anytime….

  26. I’ve never actually tried to formulate an argument for why the NBA is so terrible, it’s not really that high of a priority for me. I once enjoyed the NBA, but I’ve probably watched less than 3 hours total of live NBA game action since Jordan’s Bulls won #6.

    Something’s just changed from those days, I can’t put my finger on it. I think maybe I just enjoyed it back then due to the “witnessing greatness” aspect of Michael Jordan.

  27. kev, at least your rebuttal makes a little sense. I would submit that Lebron, Wade, Durant, Rose, and Randolph (I hate to admit that one) have been nothing short of spectacular in this post season. Lebron has finally started living up to the hype in the post season, unlike years past. You should check it out sometime.

    durham, you still here? I thought I told you to kill yourself.

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