Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me; Holtz Stays

Meet the new boss...
Meet the new boss...
The first “Holtz stays” story I saw came from WNCT channel 9 (down east). That was followed by WITN in G-Vegas where their sources said Holtz was offered the Cincinnati job only to turn it down opting to stay at ECU. Next it was ESPN reporting Central Michigan coach Butch Jones to be Brian Kelly’s replacement at Cincinnati. Reports emerging from Cincinnati are saying Jones became the frontrunner after both he and Holtz interviewd.Whether who broke off with whom or who was tapped first is yet to be determined. Either way they all they all agree on one thing, Skip Holtz will remain the East Carolina football coach and today that would be the only aspect Pirate fans are concerned with.

 If Holtz did turn down the job that would be twice in two years that Skip turned down Cincinnati. Skip also turned down Syracuse last year. All together that’s three BCS Big East job opportunities Skip apparently has said no to. This year he is not alone, Houston football coach Kevin Sumlina, a fellow C-USA non-BCS member also declined an interview after speaking with UC representatives. Now who knows what really goes down with these “talks” with representatives. As far as we know it’s all a dog and pony show coupled with smoke and mirrors and maybe Cincy had their man all along, only time will tell. I do know this, Central Michigan fan wants Cincinnati on the schedule pronto, that or Cincy’s AD in a back ally somewhere. That’s twice in as many years Cincinnati snatched a very good Central Michigan coach. Central Michigan is not a better job than Cincy but arrrrrhggguably the Pirate job is.

Now that the coaching carousel has come to a screeching halt its time to get down to business. Starting Thursday the Pirate players continue preparations for the Liberty Bowl against SEC foe Arkansas. That will begin the first of five consecutive practices before the Christmas break and more importantly the first of five led by their 2010 head football coach, same as the old boss… Skip Holtz. Yo Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas Pirate fans!

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  1. I hope Holtz stays. As Grobe has said about the Wake job- it’s a good situation for family and a good job. Not everyone wants to keep climbing the “corporate” with the additional stress that comes with bigger jobs and pay checks. Holtz is finding success, building a nice program and improving good rivalries with in state schools as well as their conference battles. It could be a similar situation to what Mark Few has at Gonzaga, happy with this lot in life and lots of good aspects for family and life in general. Not everyone is enamored with bigger pay checks or “name” programs- maybe Holtz wants to build ECU into a “name” program…. Bill Lewis had it going in that direction at ECU before he followed the money and where’s he now? Selling Amway?

  2. Kev,

    He interviewed and got passed over. Greenville media is spinning it as he turned down another offer, everyone else in the free world is reporting that he was passed over (for the 2nd time in about a week).

    If all the hype about how “special” ECU is to Skip were true, he wouldn’t continuously have interviews scheduled for other jobs.

    ECU fans are very proud. If they ever allowed themselves to believe that Skip was looking to leave, they would turn on him. His success wouldn’t matter all that much.

  3. If Skip was passed over it was b/c Jones runs a wide-open offense similar to the spread offense that Kelly ran at UC and that is why he was UC’s #1 choice. I don’t think you can say for certain Skip wanted the job and was told no unless the rest of the free world is reporting from Cincinnati. Skip is in a unique situation at ECU and has positioned himself to be a candidate for bigger jobs. It’s no secret ECU is a stepping stone job but that doesn’t mean Skip is going to jump after testing the waters.

  4. I don’t really care Skip stays or leaves ECU, as long as they stay at a respectable enough level to be a solid OOC opponent for the Hokies through 2015.

    I also don’t think it matters if Skip got passed over or turned it down… the net net is the same and he’ll be a person of interest for many schools anyway.

  5. Just like what you think of ECU fans you yourself shouldn’t assume Skip is “looking to leave”. ECU fans are proud but at the same time I think there is an understanding between the fans and Holtz similar to the understanding Holtz has with Terry Holland. All or most of the Pirate fans I know have always expected Holtz to leave at some point and would be cool with it if he did. There would be some grumbling if Holtz left on what could be argued a lateral move but otherwise we have a firm grasp on reality.

  6. Love the logic:

    Skip turns down Cincy in 2007, but 2 years later, when the expectations for Cincy are twice as high as 2007 and facilities have only improved marginally, it is impossible to believe that Skip might have turned down the job again because in Dan’s mind Cincy is a much better job than ECU.

    Using select “facts” and mainstream media reports to help support your point of view, gotta love it.

  7. @Kev: I think the difference between turning a job down and not being selected for it. I wouldn’t consider Kansas or Cincinnati all that special, and if his record at ECU can’t get him those jobs, I wonder what job will eventually be “it”, if there is one.

    @J Mohn: I’m really not trying to get into another Skip Holtz argument with you. Turning down the Syracuse job and staying endeared SH to a lot of ECU fans…with good reason. Now, if he’d interviewed for Notre Dame, I’d still buy the “special situation” talk. He interviewed for Kansas and Cincinnati…they aren’t exactly top jobs, but they are BCS jobs. Cincy is a death trap. I don’t think replacing a coach who went undefeated at Cincy is a good career move for any coach. It may be a good financial move, but that’s about it, and Skip was already making more than Kelly anyway.

    In all honesty, the best case for everyone involved would likely be if the Big 10 (11) could convince Notre Dame to join. If that happened, ECU could join the Big East, replacing Notre Dame in basketball and adding a 9th football team. I expect that SH would stay at ECU for quite some time if ECU became a BCS school.

    In all honesty, I think you’ve got him for at least two more years now anyway. I doubt next season will be as good as the last two, because they lose a lot of guys. If he couldn’t get the Cincinnati or Kansas jobs after two straight CUSA titles, I have a hard time thinking he’d get a better job with a worse performance.

  8. scl,

    Until this year, no job that Skip turned down surprises me. I really think he expected to blow up at ECU and be the next coach at Notre Dame. I think that would explain the Cincy and Syracuse situations.

    He may very well be kicking himself now for not taking the Cincy job back then, since the guy who did just got the job he really wants.

    This time around, I think Cincy turned him down because since Monday I have been reading that the other guy was the frontrunner.

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